The Third BISTU Alumni Forum Successfully Concluded

By Sun, 25 Oct 2015 GMT


Beijing, 24th October, 2015(BISTU) --- Xiaoying Campus of BISTU witnessed successful conclusion of the Third Alumni Forum titled with “Alumni and Production-Learning-Research Cooperation” jointly organized by BISTU Alumni Association and Alumni Sodality of Entrepreneurs. Keynote speeches were delivered respectively by Prof. Zhu Lianqing, Prof. Zhang Yangsen, and Ling Tao. The event was hosted by Vice President and Executive Vice Chairman of Alumni Association Han Qiushi.


Prof. Zhu Lianqing delivered the report on Fiber Optic Sensing Technology and its Applications. It focused on principles of fiber optic sensors and key technology involved as well as its current application. Research team of BISTU is now supported by Municipal Research Center of Engineering Technology for Optoelectronic Information and Instruments, Municipal Key Lab of Optoelectronic Detection Technology, and International Lab of Advanced Optoelectronic Technology.


Zhang Yangsen shared with the alumni latest achievement at Institute for Intelligence Information Processing with emphasis on Chinese information processing and smart logistics. He visually showed the alumni the operations of smart transportation with goods and the Chinese information processing software which is developed by his team. The smart stereoscopic warehouse has been applied to Qinhuangdao harbor authority and error finding and correction system has been applied to documentation processing system of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Ling Tao’s report Service Cloud System Supported by Multi-network Based Self-service Operations focused on the background and prospectus of the system, with a comparative analysis on pros and cons of current domestic vending machines. This technology has adopted frontier technology like coin-free and diversified payments. It has been recognized by a number of countries including Japan.    

Alumni entrepreneurs offered positive feedbacks and expressed that they would like to promote and invest in these projects.


In his concluding address, Han Qiushi said it was a great success to host the forum. Based on complete communication and exchange of ideas, there would be new progress to be expected in near future. As the communication platform between alumni and the university, the forum will try to offer more opportunities for communication and exchanges.