Top Ten News of BISTU in 2018

By Wed, 30 Jan 2019 GMT

Beijing, 26th January, 2019, (BISTU)— At the end of the year, Publicity Department of CPC BISTU Committee starts collecting votes for top ten news of BISTU in 2018, which is warmly, extensively embraced by all students, faculties, and staff. Based on voting, finally top ten news of BISTU is selected, covering the field of implementation of the spirit of CPC and municipal government, party building, top level design, academic research, education and teaching. It shows tremendous achievements of the University in respect of upholding socialist orientation in education, focusing on morality in education, strictly following principles requested by party building, and practically implementing “construction of five environments”. Now it is the time to take a look back these great events of the University in the past year.  


1Serious learning and implementing spirit of CPC and municipal government to strengthen theoretical building. In 2018 the whole University ardently learns, publicizes, and implements Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC and holds a series of seminars and discussions. Armed with Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, we push forward all issues of the University. The spirit of national and municipal conferences on ideological education in higher educational institutions is further enhanced. The University also establishes 50 pilot modules to facilitate ideological education among students and to embed ideological education through the whole process of education and learning. The spirit of national and municipal conferences on education is also deeply, solidly implemented. General Secretary Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee and President Wang Yongsheng as well as other senior administrators attend a series of publicity events, seminars and meetings in this regard. The whole University gathers all strengths to facilitate development of featured education, talent cultivation, enhancement of academic discipline construction and to make sure Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era is deeply rooted in everyone and yield rich results.  

2Featured development as a general principle widely, highly accepted by the whole University. The year 2018 sees CPC BISTU Committee actively implements spirit of higher authorities, continues to perfect top level design based on actuality of the University, and clarifies general principle of featured development: guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, we are to deeply, thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC and national conference on education, uphold socialist orientation in education, thoroughly implement guidelines and principle of the Party for education, view education with focus on morality as a fundamental mission, and comprehensively promote “construction of five environments”. With focus on feature of information technology in education, the University lays emphasis upon academic disciplinary clusters such as new generation information technology, smart manufacturing, and national defense and military industry and develops an academic disciplinary system where engineering is the main focus with coordinated development of multi-disciplines. We are aiming at building a high level, internationally famous, domestically first-rate  university with distinctive feature in information technology. Beijing Municipal working group for categorized education development visits BISTU on 27th and 28th November 2018 to observe categorized educational development. The working group agrees that the whole University recognize and fully accept CPC BISTU Committee’s goal of building a high level university with distinctive feature in information technology and three-step development as well as reform based on the goal.  

3Successfully passing evaluation of undergraduate teaching. A five-day appraisal and evaluation of undergraduate teaching at BISTU is conducted by Beijing municipal working group on undergraduate teaching last year. The working group reaches consensus that BISTU attaches great importance to undergraduate education with extensively accepted principles, clarified thoughts, effective measures, and evident effectiveness. With regard to education and teaching, the University has made a series of achievements in 2018: 7 achievements with BISTU as the first author winning education and teaching awards of Beijing Municipality; students winning over 400 (1100 person times) ministerial level or above awards in various competitions; and mushroom of innovative achievements. Meanwhile, fruitful results in cultural development also come along with educational development. Art associations and societies offer outstanding performances in state-level and municipal-level competitions. BISTU students also shine in summer holiday practice. And committee of care for next-generation has been greatly commended by superior authorities. The past year also sees continuous rise in quality of enrollment of new students and employment of graduating students. In the third party ranking, BISTU ranks high in salary and competitiveness of graduating students. In general, the core role of talent cultivation is further enhanced and educational environment is further optimized.  

4Hosting state key research project as a host institution for the first time. The University organizes conference of science and technology to promote science and technology development at BISTU. The state-level key project “Evaluation Theory and Technology of Service Value and Cultural Communication” officially starts on 17th July 2018. It is the very first state key project that BISTU acts as the host institution. The past year witnesses official approval of Key Lab for Photo Electronic Test and Detection Technology and Instrument and Key Lab for Modern Test and Control Technology by Ministry of Education. And Beijing Knowledge Management Research Base is listed as one of the indexes of Think Tanks in China. An achievement where BISTU as the second host institution wins second prize of state award for technology invention. Also the University has won five awards in social sciences and technology. In 2018 the University has invested 178 million RMB Yuan in academic research. School-running environment has been constantly improving for academic development, innovation, and serving the society.  

5Listed as an institution of future approval of doctoral programs. BISTU is successfully listed as one of the institutions which would be approved for doctoral programs. It lays solid foundation for opening of doctoral programs at BISTU in 2020. In 2018 all divisions and sectors of BISTU work closely together, publish general plan for academic discipline construction, integrate all available resources, and further enhance strengths. Focuses have been laid on four first-tier disciplines with distinctive features, i.e., instrumentation science and technology, control science and engineering, mechanical engineering, and management science and engineering. Emphasis is also invested in areas like high-precision instruments and smart manufacturing, new generation information technology and control, and cycle economy and knowledge management with big data. The University signs agreement with Tsinghua University for co-construction of instrumentation science and technology. Learning environment is further optimized with more salient features in education.  

6Comprehensively strengthening Party discipline with intra-University inspection. Inspection group of CPC BISTU Committee conducts intensive inspection of two schools on 17th October 2018. Based on the requirement of deepening political inspection and strengthening overall leadership of the Party, general principles of party building in the New Era and comprehensively strengthening party discipline locate three major problems, i.e., weakening the Party’s leadership, lack of Party building, and insufficiency in comprehensively strengthening party discipline. Inspection has been conducted for senior administrators and major party leaders of BISTU schools and divisions. The year 2018 sees CPC BISTU Committee seriously implement policies and measures of CPC and CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, constantly enhance responsibilities in management and governance of party members, and promote development of comprehensively strengthening party discipline. In addition to on-campus inspection pilot programs, the University also has done a lot in key areas such as promoting governance environment construction, promoting system construction, construction of New Campus, use of funds, purchases, etc. CPC BISTU Committee aims at enhancing organizational competence and comprehensively strengthens party branch building, including promotion of the campaign for “model party branch” and the project of “leading faculties” among faculties’ party branches. In December 2018 party branch of Publicity Department is listed as the first cohort of “National Model Party Branch in Party Building”, which is a substantial achievement of BISTU in comprehensively strengthening party discipline as well as representation of effectiveness of governance environment at BISTU.  

7Steadily promote institutional adjustment and appointment of directors and deputies. From November to December 2018, The University seriously implements the spirit of CPC and Beijing Municipality, centers on the objective of building a high level university with distinctive features in information technology, and actively, steadily promotes institutional adjustment and appointment of directors and deputies of divisions and schools. With regard to institutional adjustment, the University follows the principle of organizational structure optimization, perfection of functional allocation, enhancement of working efficiency, adjustment to transformation and development, and perfection of governance system. With regard to appointment of directors and deputies, morality and professional knowledge are paid equal importance with justice, fairness as the premises. The University broadens scope of candidates and motivates all current directors and deputies. Particularly, the University, on the basis of daily and over-the-years appraisal of candidates, lays emphasis on historical records of appraisal, organizational observation, supervision of disciplinary inspection sectors, and suggestions of extensive faculties and staff. An organic combination is formed among job requirements, appraisal records, organizational observation, suggestions of faculties and staff, and personal will. CPC BISTU Committee requests that institutional adjustment and appointment of directors and deputies shall be actively, steadily promoted so as to perfect governance environment and sentiment environment.  

8Successful completion of the second session of faculties’ representative meeting and labor union’s meeting. On the day 14th November 2018, the University sees successful completion of the second session of faculties’ representative meeting and labor union’s meeting. The meeting generalizes past achievements, clarifies missions in the coming five years, and elects Deputy Secretary General Wang Xiuyan of CPC BISTU Committee as Chairlady of BISTU Labor Union. It also elects members for executive board of the second session of faculties’ representative commission, labor union commission, committee for inspection of labor union’s fund, commission for female faculties, and specialized commissions. September 2018 witnesses successful completion of the first meeting of the second session of BISTU Alumni Association. Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee is elected Chairman of Alumni Association. June of the year sees “Veto Power of Faculties’ Morality” being published. With leadership of CPC BISTU Committee, the University has greatly promoted construction of governance environment and sentiment environment with a number of effective measures in respect of democratic management and supervision, revision of regulations and codes, facilitating governance based on laws, safeguarding legal rights of faculties and staff, and bringing strengths of non-party members into full play.  

9BISTU Industry Research Institute approved for qualification of post-doctoral working station. In December 2018, BISTU Industry Research Institute is officially approved for qualification of post-doctoral working station. The Institute will annually admit about 20 researchers for post-doctoral research as an important source for supplementing faculties, a tool to promote in-depth collaboration between University and market, a platform for optimizing system of talent cultivation, and an opportunity for enhancement of BISTU’s competence in talent cultivation and innovation. In 2018, the University is selected as one of the second cohort of Beijing-based national talent cultivation base for “the Belt and Road Initiative” to better serve the Initiative. The University welcomes a number of adjunct academicians, young outstanding scholars, adjunct professors, etc. Young faculties of the University are elected as outstanding talents of China Society for Science and Technology, municipal level project of talents, Great Wall Scholars, preeminent talents, and advanced visiting scholars of China Scholarship Council. Four faculties are appointed as members of Teaching Steering Committee of Ministry of Education, two are elected as famous teachers of innovation project among Beijing-based higher educational institutions, and one team is listed in innovative team project of faculty team building in universities supervised by Beijing Municipality. The University introduces 106 faculties with doctoral degrees (post-doctoral research experiences). And 21 faculties are promoted as associate professors via BISTU “green passage”. The University deepens reform of human resources system, drafts relating documents, strengthens team building, and enhances school-running environment.  

10Construction of New Campus achieving satisfactory results. Beijing Municipal Government Report of 2018 has listed construction of BISTU New Campus as an important project. CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Municipal Government attach great importance to it. The University views it as a key area of all important issues. Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee and President Wang Yongsheng have for many times visited construction site to offer guidance and suggestions. Construction of the New Campus goes smoothly with coordination of all divisions: resettlement is basically accomplished; general plan of the New Campus is approved; design of major buildings completes; advanced ideas of smart campus and green building are represented in design and planning; government procedures in respect of planning, construction, and landscape have been done; preparations for construction of all buildings are done; revision of feasibility starts; and cultural project of the New Campus initiates, i.e., name collections starts for major buildings and roads. It lays solid foundation for the objective of completing construction of the New Campus in 2020 and it is a key breakthrough in construction of spatial environment at BISTU.