Academician Lin Qun Delivers Report on Academician Forum of BISTU

By Fri, 12 Oct 2018 GMT

Beijing, 12th October 2018 (BISTU)--- Academician Forum of BISTU Science and Technology Innovation Festival is honored to welcome academician Lin Qun, a renowned scholar, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and research fellow of mathematics and system science of the Academy. The report is also attended by Prof. Gu Tongxiang from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Cui Ming and Gan Yan from Beijing University of Technology, and over 120 students from School of Applied Sciences and is hosted by Li Guixiang, Director of Postgraduate Affairs Division.    


In his report titled Teaching and Innovation, academician Lin Qun starts from common intuitive errors in calculus, a most widely applied point of advanced mathematics. With his clear, crystal, humorous language of teaching, Lin Qun explains new methodology, new thinking and wonderful learning of “calculus and innovation”. He is now over 80 years old but he still chooses to stand during the whole time of teaching. Students shall be good at thinking and get oneself ready for any opportunity to come. We shall try to seize every opportunity that we can and then we will make a winning life. Academician Lin Qun not only explains knowledge relating to calculus and innovation but also make it clear to students that innovation is an important, noble cause of our life.  


In question and answer section, Lin Qun carefully answers all questions raised by students. He points out that strictness is not used to eliminate intuition but to eliminate wrong intuition. Love, loyalty, resolution and dedication to academic learning is the fundamental quality that each researcher shall have. As a diligent educator, Lin Qun also raises earnest expectation for students. He encourages students to slow down pace in life, hold fast to dreams, broaden horizon, be brave in innovation, and be bold in facing with and conquering all frustrations and difficulties to come.  

Close contact with Academician Lin Qun inspires many students. They all say that it is an exceptional academic report and they would be diligent and courageous in future learning and innovation.  

Lin Qun is a research fellow of Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and member of Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. His research interest covers computing mathematics and he also is dedicated to popularization of maths. He was editor-in-chief of a number of mathematics textbooks. He also has won a series of honors and awards, including First Prize in Natural Science of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Gold Award for scientific achievement of Bolzano Mathematics, Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress, Hua Luogeng Prize in Mathematics, etc. And he is also elected Top 10 people of popularization of science in 2015 and Top 10 newsmakers of Chinese science in 2016.