BISTU Students Achieve Outstanding Performance in 2018 China Finance and Securities Simulation Contest

By Sat, 29 Sep 2018 GMT

Beijing, 28th September 2018 (BISTU)2018 China Finance and Securities Simulation Contest held in Shenzhen of China witnesses outstanding performance made by 70 BISTU students.  


BISTU No. 5 Team, composed of Li Xiang, Yuan Meng, Kan Qingya, Yang Han, Liu Xiaohan, Zhang Hao, Li Yingzi, Zhang Yumeng, Zeng Chenyang, and Wu Sixun, wins the Second Prize of Teams. BISTU No.4 Team, composed of Bai Xingyi, Jian Lanqi, An Qing, Dong Yuqian, Li Jiahui, Li Jiajing, Tu Jiawei, Zhang Jiahao, Xu Zihan, and Zhang Yilin, wins the Third Prize of Teams. Tang Haocheng and Gong Zhenzhen win the Second Prize for Individuals with their excellent performance and Jiang Qiqi and Tian Shuxuan win the Third Prize for Individuals. Sun Jing and Ma Zhong, faculties of School of Economics and Management, are honored with “Supervisors of Excellence”.  

The Contest is guided by Teaching Steering Committee of National Vocational Education on Finance, sponsored by Quantitative Investment Association of China, and organized by Shenzhen GTA Education Tech Ltd. It lasts four months and accommodates 12,370 contestants in 1,237 teams from 304 universities and colleges of the whole country.  


China Finance and Securities Simulation Contest has been successfully held for five successive sessions and accommodated over 40,000 students and faculties from 800 institutions. The 2018 Contest makes great improvements compared to previous ones. On-site defense is transferred into two sections, i.e., intra-day equity trade and on-site Q&A on securities. Single awards are designed for “Star of Simulated Security Trade” and “All Things on Finance”.  

Contestant Yang Han expresses that simulation of real stock market offers the opportunity for students to experience in person economic risks, understand more of investment ideas and principles, consolidate practical competence, and broaden financial horizon.