BISTU Piano Ensemble Shines in Korea-China Piano Contest

By Mon, 11 Jun 2018 GMT

Beijing, 11th June 2018 (BISTU)—BISTU Piano Ensemble members are honored for their brilliant performances on Korea-China Piano Contest, i.e., Song Yang and Yu Tong are awarded the First Prize of Piano Duet with their outstanding performance of “Rock and Roll in Yale”, Zhou Sihan and Cao Can won the Second Prize with their Beside Lake Baikal, and Xiao Xiao is awarded the title of “tutor of excellence”.  



Quite a few professional piano players attend this Contest. BISTU Piano Ensemble members view this contest as both an invaluable experience and an opportunity to broaden their horizons. Prior to the Contest, Xiao Xiao has fully exchanged ideas with the members and set all repertoires as piano duet in that expressive force of piano duet would build up a better musical image for audiences. During preparations for the Contest, students work very hard and practice playing piano whenever they have the time. The honor is confirmation of their hard-work as well as their outstanding skills and performances in the Contest. And now they have a better understanding of piano contests and are better prepared for future similar competitions.