BISTU Honored for Excellent Performance in Sports Games of Beijing

By Tue, 27 Mar 2018 GMT

Beijing, 24th March, 2018 (BISTU)— Beijing Association for Sports Games of University Students hosts the fifth general meeting to commend universities who have produced excellent performances in municipal level sports games. Following the honor in 2015, BISTU again wins a cup for its excellent performances “Winner of Rising Sun”. BISTU is the only university supervised by Beijing Municipality--- of all universities who have won this honor. Vice President Wang Xiuyan, on behalf of the University, attends the meeting.  

“Winner of Rising Sun” is the generalization of 21 tournaments of the year organized by Beijing Association for Sports Games of University Students, including hiking, dragon boat race, Sepak Takraw, aerobics dancing, etc. The top 8 universities will be winners of Rising Sun Cup. In 2017, altogether these games accommodate 10,020 student players from 594 universities (some are repeatedly counted as they attend more than one item).