BISTU’s Art and Culture Festival Welcomes Grand Opening

By Sat, 24 Mar 2018 GMT

Beijing, 23rd March, 2018 (BISTU)— Themed on “convergence of diligence and honor; showing elegance and grace of students and faculties”, BISTU’s second Art and Culture Festival welcomes brilliant performances of National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. The ceremony is attended by Vice Presidents Liu Xiaoyi and Wang Xiuyan as well as over 300 representatives of faculties and students. And the performances are delivered by NACTA team led by Jiang Hua, Director of Youth League of NACTA.

On the ceremony, Liu Xiaoyi, Wang Xiuyan and other committee members jointly announce opening of the 2nd Art and Culture Festival of BISTU. 

And Liu Xiaoyi presents banners to faculties and students of National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts.

Director Jia Bin of BISTU Youth League introduces the 2nd Art and Culture Festival. It is aimed at building healthy, elegant, harmonious campus atmosphere, enhancing humanity qualities of students, molding temperament, and constructing epochal university culture with unity of science spirit and humanity spirit as well as inheritance of traditional culture and innovation of traditions.  

The 2nd Art and Culture Festival, based on the 1st one, extends and expands itself to a new degree: one school one elite work. In the following days a series of activities will be promoted including meetings for poems and proses, reading classical Chinese works, readers, stage play “A Thunder Storm”, traditional arts on campus, etc.

On the opening ceremony, classic moments and happiness of the 1st Art and Culture Festival is reproduced in the form of dance and reading. Following the ceremony are spectacular performances by students and faculties of National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts who deeply impress all audiences with profound charm of traditional Chinese culture with their traditional plays like Drunken Beauty, Mulan, and Monkey King.

The Art and Culture Festival focuses on campaigning and promoting fine traditional Chinese culture and composes of an important platform for BISTU students and faculties to improve art and cultural qualities. It is also an important channel to build a beautiful, harmonious campus. Says the Organizing Committee of the Festival. It is high time that all faculties and students of BISTU enhance soft-power and contribute their wisdom to the University so as to promote construction of five environments and push forward the big-stride development of BISTU.