Top Ten News of the Year 2017

By Wed, 10 Jan 2018 GMT


Editorial Note: An ambitious, courageous man always cherish the time and pursue innovation. Guided by the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC, BISTU Party Committee follows overall planning, adheres to comprehensively strengthening Party discipline, and practically implements policies and plans of the 13th Five-Year Plan with “construction of five environments” as the guideline. With collaborative effort of all faculties and staff, BISTU aims at super-normal and leap-and-bound development and has made new breakthroughs in every field. Based on votes, Publicity Department of BISTU sorts out the Top Ten News in 2017. It is time that we join each other to create a better tomorrow!   


1. New progress in team building and faculty development. In March 2017, Young Talents Supporting Project of China Association for Science and Technology includes Sun Ting of School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering and Su Peng from School of Electromechanical Engineering. Xu Zhan of School of Information & Communication Engineering is enlisted by Innovation Plan of Beijing. A number of faculties are included in high-level supporting plan of Beijing for faculties in higher educational institutions, including Wang Dengshan from School of Applied Sciences being listed in cultivation project of Great Wall Scholar Program, Xiang Wei included in supporting project of “specially appointed professors”, the team led by Huang Min of School of Electromechanical Engineering listed in enhancement project of “Innovative teams”, and Li Zhuo and other 6 faculties listed in cultivation project of Outstanding Young Talents. The University actually and practically implements and promotes talent policies and has included 20 faculties in cultivation planning of “Talents with diligence and honor”, including 2 scholars of diligence and honor, 5 outstanding faculties of diligence and honor, and 13 outstanding young talents of diligence and honor. A green passage has been established which allows 38 faculties to be promoted as professors or associate professors. And 63 new faculties with doctoral degrees have been introduced into BISTU. Also the University has signed framework of cooperation with Jiaxing City to conduct cooperation in respect of education, talents exchange, and enhancement of talent introduction.  

2.  New progress in improvement of people’s livelihood. Departments of Gynecology and Stomatology of BISTU University Hospital are successively open in June and November 2017. The June sees over 2,200 air-conditioners installed on 14 students’ halls. Cold-proof walls and seismic hardening engineering for residential area of Xiaoying campus and Qinghe campus have been completed. A drop of 4.82% in comprehensive energy consumption, in addition to 6.76% decrease per capita and 4.85& drop in terms of construction area, has been achieved.  

3. Cultural brand built for bringing faculties and students closer. The first election of BISTU People with Diligence and Honor concludes on May 18th that ten faculties/teams have won the honor, i.e., Zhang Fuxue, Xu Xiaoli, Zhang Qizhi, Wang Dengshan, Zhang Jingdong, Zhao Nanqian,  Feilai, Beijing Knowledge Management Base, Water Robot Football, and Division of Employment and Recruitment. The first BISTU cultural festival and the first science and technology innovation festival successively are held and attract enormous attention of students and faculties--- covering 36,000 people/times and all undergraduate students, postgraduate students, and international students of BISTU. Three platforms, i.e., opening ceremony, graduation ceremony, and annual award granting ceremony, are built to boost students’ growth. In addition, a series of honors are crowned to BISTU teams and faculties, including one team winning the First Prize in the 9th Challenge Cup of Beijing. And Summer Holiday Social Practice for College Students in Beijing sees 2 BISTU teams being listed as top 100 teams, ten faculties (Jia Bin, etc.) being awarded faculties with excellence, ten students (Tu Yaobin, etc.) winning the prize for outstanding individuals, and BISTU winning the honor of university with excellence in social practice. Altogether 28 awards fall onto BISTU societies and associations in piano and dance, including BISTU Dance Association winning championship in national tournament of China Ballroom Dance.  

4. Full, comprehensive enhancement of innovation in ideological education. A working conference on ideological education is organized on July 6th 2017 and Wang Chuanliang, Chairman of University Council, produces overall instructions on implementation of the spirit of national and municipal conferences on ideological work in higher educational institutions in Beijing and improvement of BISTU ideological education. The year 2017 witnessed a series of policies and documentations published on ideological education inclusive of the united front and the youth league. Commissions and branch committees are established to strengthen team building and secure leadership of the Party. Inspection Team of Beijing Municipality on Party Building and Ideological Education visits BISTU on November 14th and produces highly positive comments on achievements of the University in Party building and ideological education.  

5. Successful completion of discipline construction conference.  The first day of September welcomes opening ceremony of BISTU Working Conference on Discipline Construction themed on “Convergence of resources, infusion of information feature, enhancement of education level”. It aims at implementation of the spirit of discipline-led, talent-oriented orientation, generalization of experiences, optimization of top design, and clarification of strategic moves of BISTU in promotion of discipline construction. The Working Conference raises thinking and actual moves of BISTU in the future: focusing on educational objectives while strengthening top level design; enhancement of academic research in terms of level and quality; and enhancement of construction of degree-awarding programs.  

6. Zeal for learning and publicizing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC. The 19th National Congress of CPC has its grand opening ceremony on October 18th 2017 in Beijing. According to requirements and instructions of Central Party Committee and Beijing Municipal Committee, BISTU University Council (BISTU Party Committee) carefully designs and implements the plan of learning and publicizing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC and ensures that all BISTU faculties and staff and students have easy, available access to learning and publicizing the spirit of the 19th National Congress. We have organized all students and faculties to watch live broadcast of the Congress, hosted conferences on learning the spirit of the Congress, hosted seminars for discussion, established publicity groups to promote the spirit of the National Congress, invited experts and municipal level specialists of publicity to BISTU for feature seminar, and organized students and faculties to visit achievement exhibitions. A multi-level, multi-perspective, multi-channel way of learning and publicizing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC has been established in BISTU to get everyone deeply rooted with Xi Jinping Though on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era and to convert the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC into a powerful drive for BISTU to promote constructions of five environments and to achieve supernormal, leap-and-bound development.  

7. Talent-Introducing Innovation Base on Advanced Optoelectronic Devices and System successfully established. Opening Ceremony for Talent-Introducing Innovation Base on Advanced Optoelectronic Devices and System by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) and Ministry of Education indicates that BISTU becomes the only one of universities supervised by Beijing Municipality who have been listed by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) and Ministry of Education in talent introduction based program. It provides strong support with BISTU in respect of introduction of high level global talents, enhancement of discipline construction, high level academic research, and improvement of comprehensive innovative competence and competitiveness. In response to national plan of the Belt and Road Initiative, BISTU officially becomes a member of Sino-Polish University League and fully strengthens exchange and communication with universities in Poland and other Eastern European universities, which is a great move in educational globalization of BISTU.  

8. Construction of new campus achieving substantial progress. Vice Mayor Wang Ning of Beijing Municipality visits BISTU new campus on November 10th 2017. Chairman Wang Chuanliang of University Council and President Wang Yongsheng have repeatedly emphasized in on-site conferences of the new campus that construction of the new campus shall be promoted and teams shall be even more active. It is a must to build the new campus into a sunshine project and all relating faculties and staff shall follow the rules and regulations. BISTU shall make its contributions to orderly shift non-capital functions of Beijing and to promote coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. So far students’ halls have been progressing smoothly; general plan of the new campus has been approved by experts; re-settlement of Dongtuo village has been successfully completed; resettlement of non-residential area of Caihe New Village has been done. Solid foundation has been made for construction of the new campus in 2018.  

9. Competence of science and technology innovation greatly enhanced. Municipal Lab of Optical Fiber Sensor and System, a project headed by BISTU, is officially approved by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education on November 17th 2017. Municipal Key Lab on Big Data Decision-making of Green Development and Advanced Opto-electronic Instrumentation and System Innovation Base are successively approved. Also approved officially is Beijing Municipal Center for Genetic Engineering of Materials and Beijing Lab of National Economic Security Early Warning Engineering. Quality of academic research projects at BISTU is greatly enhanced and for the first time BISTU undertakes high level projects in quantum communication. In addition, two academic research achievements of BISTU have won the First and Second Prize of national defense technology, two achievements have won the Second and Third Prize of Beijing Municipal Awards in Science and Technology, two achievements have won the Second Prize of Beijing Municipal Awards in Social Sciences, and 1 achievement has won Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Advancement award.  

10.  Achievements in education and teaching. Rich achievements have made in innovation and entrepreneurship education and the rate of employment and that of postgraduate program acceptance of graduating students hits a record high. The program Detection Control Technology and Instrument at School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering is approved in the first cohort of first-rate disciplines in universities supervised by Beijing Municipality. Detection Control Technology and Instrument has also successfully passed examination and inspection by accreditation association of China Engineering Education. Two programs, i.e., Communication Engineering and Automation, successfully pass on-site examination of engineering education. BISTU faculties are honored with numerous awards, including Wang Lei winning the first Prize on the 10th Teaching Competition for Young Faculties in Beijing, Mi Jie winning Teachers of Preeminence of the 13th Outstanding Teachers Competition of Beijing Universities, and faculty team of School of Electromechanical Engineering being listed in National Famous Model Team of Ministry of Education. In respect of innovation and entrepreneurship education, for the first time BISTU is ranked as a model university in innovation and entrepreneurship education. BISTU’s four innovative teams have been granted Innovative Team of Excellence of Beijing. BISTU wins a bronze medal in National Internet Plus Competition for College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship, in addition to the fifth world champion of Water in 2017 RoboCup. For six years in a row employment rate of graduating students at BISTU has been top three of all universities supervised by Beijing Municipality. BISTU recruits from first-tier high school graduates in 26 provinces. Robot Engineering, Data Science and Big Data Technology, and International Economics and Trade start at BISTU in 2017. And the pathway Brand Management in Marketing is initiated in 2017.