New Year’s Address 2018: New Era, New Mission, New Journey

By Fri, 29 Dec 2017 GMT

When the New Year comes, all things take on a new aspect. On such a wonderful moment, on behalf of BISTU, we extend our most sincere gratitude and the best wishes to young, vigorous students, staff and faculties who have been working hard and devoting to the University, alumni home and abroad who have been caring about and serving the University, and friends from all social circles who have cared and supported BISTU development!  

The pleasure of harvest always comes along with diligence and dedication. Looking back in to 2017, the BISTU University Council, guided by the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC, takes an overall strategy, coordinates all relating parties, and strictly follows the principle of governing with Party’s rules. We have achieved new breakthroughs and progresses in all respects, with guidance from “construction of five environments”, to practically carry on the 13th Five Year Plan and to promote super-normal and leap-bound development of BISTU. 


Holding onto beginner’s mind and making preeminent achievements in Party building and ideological working. The University carefully arranges and organizes learning activities of multi-form, multi-level, and multi-perspective to learn and publicize the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC. We have seriously led all faculties, staff, and students in learning and practicing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. BISTU has organized and completed in-school inspection on Municipal Basic Standards on Party Building and Ideological Work at Higher Education Institutions, implemented inspections on firmly improving the Party's style of work and clean government, and other public inspections like openness and democracy of University Council, potential safety hazard, internal audition, etc. We have also organized working conference on ideological work and successively published policies and documentation, such as establishment of various commissions and branch committees, to enhance overall reform and innovation in ideological work of the University.  


Sparing no efforts; breaking bottle-necks; accelerating spatial construction. Considering political correctness, the University accelerates construction of the new campus and has made breakthroughs in a number of areas. We have coordinated and integrated all available resources, established working mechanism and teams, and have basically completed construction of students’ halls. Master planning of the new campus has also been approved by all experts. Resettlement of Dongtuo village has been fully accomplished and that of Caihe new village, almost done. We have contributed tremendously to shifting of non-capital functions of Beijing.  


Achieving a number of rewards in education environment construction with our strong competence. Municipal Lab of Optical Fiber Sensor and System, a municipal level lab led by BISTU, has been officially approved by the Government. Beijing Key Lab of Big Data Decision Making on Green Development and Beijing Municipal International Science and Technology Cooperation Base on Advanced Opto-electronic Devices and Systems have also been approved. Government approval has also been given to Beijing Municipal Center for Genetic Engineering of Materials and Beijing Lab of National Economic Security Early Warning Engineering, two labs which BISTU and other institutions jointly construct. The past year also witnesses significant improvement in quality of academic research projects, including high-level projects in quantum communication, first prize and second prize (inventions for technology of national defense) respectively awarded to two research projects, two more projects being respectively awarded Beijing Municipal Science and Technology second and third prizes for, two projects winning second prize of Outstanding achievements in Beijing’s Philosophy and Social Sciences Research, and a project winning second prize of Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Advancement.  

Team building and faculty development at BISTU sees new progress: two faculties shortlisted for Support Project of Young Talents by China Association for Science and Technology; one teacher shortlisted for Beijing Outstanding Young Talents; and a number of faculties shortlisted for municipal level team building plans, including 1 for Great Wall Scholar Nurturing Project, 1 for Specially Appointed Professor Project, 1 team for Innovative Teams, and 7 faculties for Outstanding Young Talents. The University has practically implemented talent cultivation and introduction policies, which effectively motivates our vigorous academic teams.  

New breakthroughs have been made in international cooperation. BISTU has joined Sino-Poland University League. Ministry of Education and State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs have approved Talent Introduction Base for Advanced Opto-electronic Devices and Systems. China-Germany Smart City Conference is for the first time organized by BISTU and Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. And the past year has also witnessed steady increase in both number and quality of international students.  


Salutary influence of education enhancing construction of teaching and learning environment. Guided by the idea of Grand Ideology Teaching, the University has made outstanding progress in construction of learning and teaching environment. Detection Control Technology and Instruments at School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering is approved as a first-rate program--- in the first cohort of programs approved among universities supervised by Beijing Municipality. On-side inspection for Engineering Education has successfully completed on three programs. BISTU is listed as one of the first cohort of model universities for innovation and entrepreneurship education and has won award of organization excellence in Red 1+1 Model Activities of Universities in Beijing. Water, a BISTU robot team, brings back the fifth world champion in RoboCup. Internet Plus College Students Competition for Innovation and Entrepreneurship sees outstanding performance of BISTU teams and 4 teams have been awarded Entrepreneurship Team of Excellence in Beijing. Over 1,000 provincial level or above awards of various competitions are granted to BISTU students. Employment rate of graduating bachelor students reaches 99.45% and that rate of postgraduates is 100%. For six successive years BISTU has been one of the top three with regard to employment rate of graduating students among universities supervised by Beijing Municipality.  


Evident effectiveness having achieved in construction of school governance environment with support of the rule of law. System construction at BISTU is further perfected. Statutes of the University is strictly followed. A series of regulations and rules of governance are designed and published. A further move --- Internal Control Brochure for Beijing Information Science and Technology University--- is designed to regulate governance. Party style and clean government system is further enhanced.  


Harmony in diversity--- converging power in construction of emotional environment. Altogether 10 individuals (teams) have been awarded BISTU’s first Individuals (Teams) of Diligence and Honor. BISTU hosts the first culture and art festival and the first science and technology innovation festival. Three ceremony platforms, i.e., opening ceremony, graduation ceremony, and annual award ceremony, are established to promote wellbeing engineering, publicize cultural activities, and effectively show the power of emotion.  

The 19th National Congress of CPC symbolizes and locates new development orientation and produces the signal for all to march towards our new objectives. In the coming 2018, BISTU will be bravely shouldering the new mission given by the new times and convergence wisdom and strengths of all to push forward “construction of five environments”, confidently promote super-normal, leap-bound development of the University, and better serve construction of Beijing as Four Centers while serving coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. The University will turn the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC into new drives for further development.  


We hereby sincerely hope that alumni home and abroad and friends of all social circles care and support BISTU. Your guidance, advice, and support are welcome and highly appreciated. 

We extend our best regards to your family and your heath and wish you all the best!