BISTU Hosts Ceremony for Retirement with Honor

By Tue, 19 Dec 2017 GMT

Beijing, 19th December, 2017 (BISTU)— Dusk is yet nightfall and there is still glamorous sunshine. BISTU hosts the ceremony of farewell for all retiring faculties and staff with honor on Xiaoying Campus. The ceremony is attended by all senior university administrators, directors of relating divisions and offices, representatives of faculties and staff, and representatives of students. Certifications of Honor for Retirement are presented by Wang Chuanliang, Chairman of University Council, and Wang Yongsheng, President of BISTU. The Ceremony is hosted by Vice President Wang Xiuyan.


On behalf of BISTU administration and party committee, Wang Chuanliang extends sincere thanks and pays high tribute to faculties and staff who are to retire with honor this year. He points out that China, as an ancient civilization and a land of ceremony and decorum, has always attached great importance to etiquette and rites. Emotional construction in Construction of Five Environments at BISTU is aimed at highlighting ceremonies and decorum. BISTU University Council has decided that a ceremony is to be hosted for faculties and staff retiring with honor each year. It is aimed at enhancing emotional identity of faculties and staff and students. He emphasizes that Construction of Five Environments at BISTU has achieved considerable progress in recent years, which shows that we are confident and we have the strength to build one of the best universities in Beijing. The retired and retiring staff and faculties have contributed tremendously to the University. And they have participated, propelled, and witnessed development of BISTU. It is hoped that the retired and retiring faculties and staff continue to care BISTU. All young faculties and staff shall learn from the retired and strive to make greater achievements.


Wang Chuanliang and Wang Yongsheng respectively present certifications of honor for faculties and staff to retire this year.  

Director Chen Xin of Human Resources Department announces the name list of retiring faculties and staff this year. Prof. Yan Chun, representative of the retiring faculties and staff delivers a speech to extend thanks to the Party, BISTU, and colleagues. Addresses are also made by Wang Lei, representative of young faculties and First Prize Winner of Beijing Municipal Contest for Teaching among Young Faculties of Universities, and Gong Guanglin, representative of students and Chairman of BISTU Students’ Union. Warm welcome to the family of retired faculties and staff is from He Fang, Director of Office for Retired Faculty and Staff Affairs.