Top Ten News of BISTU in 2016

By Sat, 07 Jan 2017 GMT

Beijing, 6th January, 2017 (BISTU)--- Editor’s Note: The year 2016 has witnessed new, successive progresses and breakthroughs achieved by the University, with guidance of “five environments construction”, while the University comprehensively promotes the 13th Five-Year Plan, deepens reform and innovation with support from students and faculties, enhances educational quality, and pushes forward work in the area of education and teaching, research, academic discipline, culture, and comprehensive reform. In chronological order, the University lists top ten news of BISTU in 2016, based on votes from students and faculties, to share the joy and happy of growth and success with all who care and support BISTU.

1  The Fourth Municipal supervisory commission conducts supervision on BISTU University Council. The Fourth Municipal supervisory commission conducts supervision on BISTU University Council from 2nd March to 29th April 2016. The Commission conveys the spirit of talks by Party Secretary of Beijing Guo Jinlong on feature meeting of education and offers their feedbacks. University Council then establishes leading group to rectify and reform on problems raised by the Commission and publishes BISTU Scheme on Feedbacks of the Commission. Issues related to feedbacks have been well handled.

2  Major changes to university senior administration. The meeting on 17th March, hosted by Li Shixin, Deputy Director General of Organizational Department of Beijing Municipal CPC, declares that Wang Chuanliang is appointed Chairman of BISTU University Council and Zheng Junli resigns due to age reason. On 29th August, Wang Chuanliang, on behalf of Municipal government, announces that Wang Xiuyan is appointed Vice Chairman of University Council and former VP Yang Jun is promoted as Chairman of University Council of Beijing University of Agriculture.

3  Successful completion of selling and allocation of housing placement and public rental housing; successful completion of installation of air-conditioners in students’ halls. On 26th March, the first group of housing placement and public rental housing in Shahe is open to BISTU faculties and staff and by 6th July, all 40 housing placement and 275 public rental houses, together with parking lots, have been allocated and sold. In addition, air conditioners have been installed in 2059 students’ halls in 14 apartments of Qinghe campus. 

4  The University Council raises development principle of “Construction of five environments”. In early April, the Council raises development principle of “Construction of five environments”: construction of a solemn and elegant, smart, and spatial environment with artistic, cultural features; construction of an internationally famous, domestically first-ranking, featured, and engineering-based with multidiscipline-focus school-running environment which helps boost academic development, innovation, and service for the society; construction of a student-centered, morally conducted, and all inclusive educational environment which helps boost all around growth and development of students; construction of a harmonious, stable, orderly, just, open, and fair governance environment with democracy and rule of law; and construction of a kind, tolerant, unified, and humanistic emotional environment which advocates honor and diligence, mutual appreciation, team spirit, and mutual support. The guidance of construction of five environments is rooted in history and reality of BISTU development and it is the convergence of wisdom of all BISTU faculties and staff and students. It acts as a key leading role in the 13th Five Year Plan as well as the mission and objective of BISTU. 

5  Laying solid foundation for studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building. The Party Building initiates on 27th April in BISTU, holding onto the principle of “keeping to the standard, setting up a platform, and strengthening supervision”, establishing a three-tier system of meetings, hosting feature forums and training workshops, and requesting each party member to adhere to the guideline of “comprehensively strengthen Party discipline”. All BISTU party branches work hard on democratic salons, learning of party discipline, and making contributions to the society on their posts. Chairman Wang Chuanliang emphasizes that all BISTU faculties, staff, and students shall be highly attuned to central government theoretically and practically, systematically and comprehensively learn from the spirit of conference on theoretical education in higher educational institutions, fully implement requests of comprehensively strengthening Party discipline, carefully follow codes of conduct of political life under new situation and regulations on inner Party supervision, and firmly build up a clean and just political ecology. The University Council enhances construction of primary party organizations and has been honored with municipal level awards for its outstanding achievements. 

6  Further enhanced quality in education. Meeting on undergraduate teaching is hosted on 11th May to further enhance quality of education. The year 2016 celebrates a series of achievements: one more BISTU faculty has been honored as Municipal Teacher of Preeminence; undergraduate course structure (2016 edition) has been successfully completed; accreditation on mechanical design, manufacturing, and automation has been successfully accomplished; service center for teaching and center for registration and students’ affairs are open to public; newly established innovation and entrepreneurship space welcomes a number of students entrepreneurial teams; Water, BISTU’s robot football team, is honored with the silver medal on the 20th world Robocup; class 1401 of School of Electromechanical Engineering is awarded municipal Model Class; a number of students’ party branches win awards in municipal selections and contests; and employment rate of graduating students remains 98% and for five successive years ranks top 3 among all municipally supervised universities. 

7  Prof. Xu Xiaoli and Prof. Zhu Lianqing being listed among "national science and technology faculties of excellence". On 18th May, Prof. Xu Xiaoli and Prof. Zhu Lianqing are listed among "national science and technology faculties of excellence" and thus become outstanding representatives of those who work in the field of science and technology. With their dedication, devotion, and innovation, they have contributed substantially to development of national science and technology and finally they are successfully elected as two of all 494 national science and technology faculties of excellence of the country. Also the year 2016 sees that BISTU’s total research funding exceeds 150 million Yuan, in which project funding exceeds 100 million Yuan for the first time in history.

8  BISTU formally publishes the 13th Five-Year Plan. On 13th July, the 13th Five-Year Plan of BISTU is officially published. It is a year in which the University has seized the momentum, focused on development, pinpointed orientation, published the 13th Five-Year Plan, and further specified positioning, goal, and mission of running the University. Based in Beijing, serving the whole nation, and pursuing coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei provinces, the University has confirmed a development objective of building a high-level university with distinctive features in information industry and outlined a blueprint for reform and development of the University in next five years.

9  Project of the new campus has been approved with key breakthrough having been achieved. On 14th September, Beijing Municipal Commission of Reform and Development approves construction proposal (feasibility report) of BISTU new campus, symbolizing a phased, substantial achievement of new campus construction. An area of 78.9 hectares with 391211 sq meters of floor area (in addition to 25369.78 sq meters students’ halls under construction) has been approved. Vice Mayor Wang Ning of Beijing Municipality visits the new campus and hosts an on-site conference. He emphasizes that a high-level campus with international standard, global horizon, and Beijing style is to be built and requests that all commissions and government sectors involved shall invest in more energy to push forward the construction of the new campus.

10  A series of policies on reform of human resources system have been published. In 2016, BISTU conducts reform on human resources system, calls on a meeting on human resources work, design human resources development strategy, and publishes a series of reform policies on human resources. Guided by the principle of “high-end led with focus on both introduction and cultivation”, BISTU raises the standard of funding and expands the room for promotion and advancement, and successfully builds up a passage between introduction and cultivation of high-end talents which offers hard support for trans-normal and leap-span development of the University. The year 2016 witnesses great increase in the proportion of faculties with higher professional titles and substantial progress in construction of human resources teams.