Wang Chuanliang and Wang Yongsheng Extend Festival Greetings to the Retired

By Sun, 09 Oct 2016 GMT

Beijing, 9th October, 2016 (BISTU)--- When yellow chrysanthemum shines, here comes Double Ninth Festival, a traditional holiday of Chinese nation. On behalf of BISTU, we hereby extend warmest greetings to all retired faculties and staff! We wish all the retired good health and may all go well with you!  


The past years have witnessed your hard work and dedication to which development and prosperity of BISTU owes much. Now as senior heroes, you still cherish high aspirations and serve the society and growth of young intellectuals. You are working for the University in a different way as you have experienced, witnessed, and supported development of BISTU!  

It is a traditional virtue of Chinese people as well as years of BISTU’s fine tradition to respect the seniors. The University will spare no effort to serve you, solve your problems, and build up a platform for us to share your invaluable experiences and wisdom. It is our responsibility to set up an eternal virtue of “respecting the seniors” and to create better conditions for the seniors to be properly looked after, enjoy the years, and locate their stages.  


Currently, BISTU’s new campus has been approved by Municipal Government in writing--- a great phase achievement of new campus construction as well as a breakthrough of our spatial development. The proportion of senior professional title holders rises dramatically, which offers a much wider passage for growth and professional development of young faculties. Breakthroughs have also been made to staff development. All these have become powerful propellers for realization of the 13th “Five-Year Plan”. In the future, we sincerely hope that you the seniors continue to follow, support and contribute to the development of BISTU with your experiences and wisdom. We are expecting to work together with you to build up new milestones for the University.  

And in the end, we would like to extend our most sincerely wishes to your health and happy life! 

Wang Chuanliang                                                      Wang Yongsheng 

Chairman of University Council                                   President