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Fri, 29 Mar 2019 GMT

BISTU Celebrates Opening Ceremony of the Third Art and Culture Festival

Beijing, 28th March 2019, (BISTU)— Grand opening ceremony of the third Art and Culture Festival of BISTU, attended by Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee, President Wang Yongsheng, Vice President Chen Gang, Vice President Ma Qinghong, and Assistants to Vice President Luan Zhongquan and Lin Guoce and hosted by Deputy Secretary General Liu Xiaoyi of CPC BISTU Committee, successfully concludes on Xiaoying Campus. Chinese Dream and Fine Traditional Chinese Culture, a report on inheriting and carrying forward traditional Chinese culture, is delivered by Gai Yichen.

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Sun, 03 Feb 2019 GMT

New Year Address of 2019: Seize Every Minute, March towards Future

Beijing, 3rd February 2019, (BISTU)— Spring is the beginning of a year. On Spring Festival of 2019, CPC BISTU Committee hereby extends warmest and most sincere greetings to all students, faculties, staff, all alumni, and friends of all walks of life.

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Wed, 30 Jan 2019 GMT

Top Ten News of BISTU in 2018

At the end of the year, Publicity Department of CPC BISTU Committee starts collecting votes for top ten news of BISTU in 2018, which is warmly, extensively embraced by all students, faculties, and staff. Based on voting, finally top ten news of BISTU is selected, covering the field of implementation of the spirit of CPC and municipal government, party building, top level design, academic research, education and teaching. It shows tremendous achievements of the University in respect of upholding socialist orientation in education, focusing on morality in education, strictly following principles requested by party building, and practically implementing “construction of five environments”. Now it is the time to take a look back these great events of the University in the past year.

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Thu, 13 Dec 2018 GMT

BISTU Labor Union Holds Seminar on “Keeping a Beginner’s Mind in Education”

Beijing, 12th December, 2018, (BISTU)— BISTU Faculty Lounge at Xiaoying Campus welcomes Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee and Lu Lei, member of Standing Commission of CPC BISTU Committee and Director of Organizational Department to attend the seminar themed on “Fifty years in life, keeping a beginner’s mind in education”, a seminar and celebration ceremony for faculties and staff who are just fifty years old. The seminar is hosted by Professor Hu Sa, part-time Vice Chairman of BISTU Trade Union.

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Fri, 07 Dec 2018 GMT

BISTU Ballroom Dancing Association Shines in the 10th Contest of Physical Dancing among Beijing Universities

Beijing, 6th December, 2018, (BISTU)— The 10th Contest of Physical Dancing among Beijing Universities, held in Tsinghua University, sees BISTU Ballroom Dancing Association winning two first prizes and three second prizes in pas seul and pas de deux sections.

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