Vice Mayor Wang Ning Inspects BISTU New Campus

By Fri, 19 Apr 2019 GMT

Beijing, 19th April, 2019, (BISTU)— BISTU New Campus welcomes delegation headed by Wang Ning, member of Standing Committee of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee. The delegation members also include Zheng Dengwen, Deputy Secretary General of Secretariat of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, Executive Deputy Secretary General Zheng Jichun of Education Commission of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, Deputy Director General Zhang Yongkai of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, and Chief Wang Hesheng of Changping District. Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee, President Wang Yongsheng and Vice President Ma Qinghong meet with the delegation. 

On the construction site of the New Campus, Wang Ning discusses key issues regarding construction progress and planning. Wang Ning positively confirms that construction of BISTU New Campus has achieved marvelous progress and that tremendous contributions have been made to the Campus by municipal sectors and Changping District. He requests that firstly all must enhance political awareness and attach greatest importance to construction of the New Campus. He stresses that BISTU New Campus is a key project of Beijing Municipality in re-adjustment city layout. It is a political mission which deserves high degree attention from all relating government sectors, Changping District, and BISTU. Secondly, a good, comprehensive planning is necessary for successful completion of the mission. With regard to current issues such as revision of feasibility report, support from municipal administration, expansion of the campus, etc., Wang Ning stresses that communication among all sectors and institutions shall be further strengthened to make sure construction of the New Campus is completed in a timely manner. And thirdly, quality, security and efficiency remain top priority. All sectors related must attach greatest importance to construction security and safety, quality, and progress.  

Wang Ning also stresses that BISTU shall offer top priority with Party building and view party building as the guideline for issues of all aspects. Meanwhile, it is also necessary to strengthen ideological and political courses while sparing no efforts to facilitating implementation of the Party’s guidelines in education, the fundamental mission of education with focus on morality, and the educational principles of nurturing students with the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics for an New Era.  

Wang Hesheng says that Changping District will take active, effective moves targeting problems and issues in construction of BISTU New Campus. The District will actively work together with BISTU in producing feasible solutions and serving talent cultivation at the University. 

On behalf of BISTU, Wang Chuanliang and Wang Yongsheng extend most sincere thanks to CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Beijing Municipal Government for their support with and care of construction of the New Campus. They express that with leadership of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Beijing Municipal Government, the University has achieved prominent progress in party building, featured development, academic research and employment of graduating students. The third party representative conference to be held at BISTU will offer a valuable opportunity for the University, guided by “construction of five environments”, to build the best university of Beijing and to act as the pioneer of serving coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, construction of Beijing as “Four Centers”, and construction of the Belt and Road Initiative.  


A detailed report is delivered by Vice President Ma Qionghong on progress of construction of the New Campus, construction planning, and current issues to be tackled.