CPC BISTU Committee Holds Work Report Appraisal Meeting for Secretaries of Second-tier Party Organizations

By Thu, 28 Feb 2019 GMT

Beijing, 27th February 2019, (BISTU)—CPC BISTU Committee meeting on work report for secretaries of second-tier party organizations successfully completes on Xiaoying campus. The meeting is attended by all BISTU senior administrators, members of CPC BISTU Committee, secretaries of second-tier party organizations, secretaries of party branches, and deputies of second-tier party organizations and is hosted by Lu Lei, member of standing committee of CPC BISTU Committee and Director of Organizational Department.  


Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee delivers an important address. He points out that appraisal of work report for secretaries of second-tier party organizations is a key step in fulfilling the Party’s political responsibilities as well as a crucial measure to push forward comprehensively strengthening party discipline to grass-root party organizations. It is also a nice presentation of work done by secretaries of second-tier party organizations. Wang Chuanliang says that appraisal of work report covers both achievements and problems. It is neutral and objective and seeks truth from facts. He positively confirms achievements of party building by second-tier party organizations in the past year and comments that there are still areas to be further improved in terms of party building. Wang Chuanliang emphasizes that all second-tier party organizations, particularly secretaries of second-tier party organizations, shall seriously implement general requirements of the Party in the New Era with focus on “building the best university and developing a perfect self” and “super normal, big-stride development of BISTU”.  



Firstly, political construction shall be strengthened. We shall further learn and study Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, enhance “four awarenesses”, consolidate “four confidences”, and firmly, resolutely implement decisions by CPC and CPC Beijing Municipal Committee. Greater voice shall be given to main theme of the times which praise our nation and encourage our people. It is our mission that we shall build a better image and reputation for the University.  

Secondly, organization power of grass-root party organizations shall be constantly enhanced. We shall closely center on the big picture of university development when strengthening party building of grass-root party organizations. The 70th anniversary of foundation of PRC is a main thread for us to follow to provide quality service for all major events in the year. The third party representative meeting serves as an opportunity for us to think about, plan, and design our future development. And “construction of five environments” is the guideline for us to enrich our strategic thinking, optimize top-level design, and lead all party organizations of various levels of the University to work closely together.  

Thirdly, we shall constantly enhance quality of party building of grass-root party organizations. Focuses shall be laid on implement of general requirement of the Party in the New Era, completion of election in party organizations, enhancement of team building, and enhancement of competence in “construction of five environments”. Grass-root party organizations shall be fully motivated in party building.  

And fourthly, all party organizations shall shoulder due responsibilities in party building. It is our mission that we shall further facilitate development of party building. Secretaries of party organizations of all tiers shall shoulder the responsibility of party building and act as “head” in party building.  

Five secretaries of second-tier party organizations deliver work reports for appraisal, i.e., Secretary Cao Jinhong of CPC BISTU School of Automation Commission, Secretary Zhang Hong of CPC BISTU School of Information Management Commission, Secretary Guo Yanjun of CPC BISTU School of Media and Public Administration Commission, Secretary Lu Lingjun of CPC BISTU Administrative Divisions Commission, and Secretary Liu Wei of CPC BISTU Logistics Commission. Other secretaries also submit written reports for appraisal.  

Comments on implementation of responsibilities in party building, key focus, enhancement of political functions, completion of key political missions, facilitation of disciplinary inspection, comprehensively strengthening party discipline, and strengthening ideological education are offered by Deputy Secretary General Liu Xiaoyi of CPC BISTU Committee, Deputy Secretary General Wang Xiuyan of CPC BISTU Committee, Vice President Liu Yong, Vice President Chen Gang, and Vice President Ma Qinghong.