BISTU Meeting for Newly Appointed Directors Successfully Completes

By Fri, 25 Jan 2019 GMT

Beijing, 23rd January, 2019, (BISTU)--- Group talks are held for newly appointed directors and deputy directors of BISTU divisions on Xiaoying Campus. Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee, on behalf of CPC BISTU Committee and the University, raises requests and expectations for newly appointed directors and deputy directors. Chen Qinghua, Secretary of Disciplinary Inspection Commission of CPC BISTU Committee, gives speech on anti-corruption. The meeting is attended by all BISTU senior administrators and 46 newly appointed directors and deputy directors and is hosted by Deputy Secretary General Wang Xiuyan of CPC BISTU Committee.

Wang Chuanliang extends warm congratulations to newly appointed directors and deputy directors. He mentions that newly appointed directors shall follow the following five principles, i.e., establishing a firm belief, serving the people, being diligent and practical, being brave in shouldering responsibilities and being honest and upright. With regard to establishing a firm belief, Wang Chuanliang stresses that being political enjoys the priority. All shall firmly uphold “four awarenesses” and “four confidences” while keeping pace with Central Party Committee. All shall keep alert when facing with major matters of principle and determinedly resist any inappropriate thoughts. Political awareness and political disciplines shall be firmly enhanced. With regard to serving the people, Wang Chuanliang requests that all faculties and staff shall lay emphasis on major matters concerning how to promote super normal, big-stride development of the University and on key issues about which faculties, staff and students are concerned. With regard to being diligent and practical, Wang Chuanliang points out that the University currently is on a key stage of realizing 2020 goals. We are shouldering huge responsibilities and we need a diligent, practical team of management. All directors and deputies shall understand responsibilities with their jobs. He who is in charge of governing shall interfere in relating business. Says Wang Chuanliang. And by doing this we could finally shift from management-oriented service to service-oriented management. With regard to being brave in shouldering responsibilities, Wang Chuanliang requests that all shall enhance the sense of mission and responsibility, be loyal to the Party, work for the Party, and devote to people’s wellbeing. We have the responsibilities to safeguard our nation, we shall fulfill our mission and we shall be fully responsible for the nation. When facing with major matters of principle, we shall be brave to fight against all wrongdoings. When facing with crisis we shall be brave to challenge it. When facing with failures we shall be courageous to shoulder responsibilities. When facing with negative tendency we shall take resolute measures. And with regard to being honest and upright, Wang Chuanliang requests that all shall be scrupulous in separating public from private interests, wholeheartedly devoted to public duty and strictly keep a bottom line. The University has proposed to enhance “construction of governance environment”, which is aimed at building an ideological ecology with strong political awareness, appropriate order and regulations, fairness and justice, and a proper system. We shall treat every complaint of faculties, staff and students very seriously, give them the channel for complaints, follow strict procedures in solving problems. All directors and deputy directors shall play an exemplary role and follow all rules and regulations.

In the end Wang Chuanliang points out that growth of managerial faculties and staff is a constant topic of discussion. Development of the University and of each faculty and staff still has a long way to go. Guided by “construction of five environments”, our common expectation is building a high level university with distinctive features in information technology. It is hoped that all directors and deputy directors cherish new opportunities and make new achievements. Integrity and self-discipline will be of great help in contributing to development of BISTU.

Chen Qinghua points out that talks on self-discipline and anti-corruption show both care and warning education for all newly appointed directors and deputy directors. On the new posts, managerial faculties and staff shall always keep alert and impose strict requirements upon themselves. Bottom line shall always be kept. It is the goal of everyone that all directors and deputy directors shall live up to expectations of the Party and offer satisfactory service to students. She requests that firstly all newly appointed directors and deputy directors shall be fully aware of importance of Party building. Secondly, all shall understand that strict regulations are actually deep love of the Party. And thirdly, all shall understand that power always comes along with equivalent responsibilities. Then Chen Qinghua hopes that newly appointed directors and deputy directors enhance their political awareness and attach enough importance to self-discipline and disciplinary inspection both in thought and in action.