BISTU Conference on Safety and Security Marks Beginning of the New Year

By Thu, 03 Jan 2019 GMT 

Beijing, 2nd January, 2019, (BISTU)— The beginning is the New Year sees successful completion of BISTU Conference on Safety and Security held on Xiaoying Campus. The Conference is attended by Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee, President Wang Yongsheng, Vice President Liu Yong, Vice President Xu Baojie, Vice President Chen Gang and Assistant to Vice President Luan Zhongquan as well as deans, directors and chairs of schools, divisions and labs and is hosted by Chen Gang. 

Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee delivers a keynote speech on safety and security issues of BISTU. Wang Chuanliang stresses that safety and security remain eternal focus of the University and foundation of work in all aspects. The year 2018 has witnessed substantial progress and tremendous achievements made by BISTU. It owes much to joint efforts of all faculties, staff and students. It also owes to the sound, safe environment of development. A century’s achievement could be ruined by one night’s negligence. The University is now on a stage of super normal, big-stride development. We are to be responsible for life and wealth of faculties, staff and students. And hence safety and security deserve high degree of importance. It is time that we all shall invest more effort in safety and security so as to contribute to harmony and stability of Beijing.  

Wang Chuanliang raises clarified requests on safety and security issues at BISTU in 2019: firstly, all faculties, staff and students must enhance political awareness and firmly establish the principle of safety and security. From political, ideological perspective of “four awarenesses” and “two safeguards”, we shall be fully aware of important implications of safety and security. Life security enjoys top priority. And it is necessary to learn and understand President Xi Jinping’s speech on safety and security and implement relating requirements imposed by Beijing Municipality. We shall take political view of the big picture in securing campus safety to make sure life and property of faculties, staff and students is safe and sound.  

Secondly, we shall pay enough attention to security situation. Safety and security awareness shall be enhanced in all sectors of the University and all staff members shall strength their capabilities in security control and handling incidents. All divisions and schools shall highlight issues regarding safety and security and perfect mechanism and system so as to make full preparations for all safety and security at the University. Efforts also shall be invested in control of hidden dangers. Wang Chuanliang stresses that we shall strengthen the sense of responsibility, adversity consciousness, and the sense of urgency. Then security management of the University would be promoted to a new height and a sound, safe environment would be built for teaching and academic research at the University.  

And thirdly, it is necessary to enhance responsibilities of all faculties and staff on safety and security. It is a must for everyone to know their responsibilities, shoulder the responsibilities, and realize severe consequences of negligence in safety and security. The University has established grid management for safety and security. It requests that security responsibilities, security investment, security training, security management and emergency procedure shall be given top priority. He emphasizes that the University will strengthen appraisal system and enhance implementation of veto power of safety and security. And safety and security will be included in daily routine arrangement of the University. Whoever breach safety and security rules will be held responsible. 

Wang Yongsheng stresses in his speech that safety and security is focus of all important matters. Safety and security is the premise of development. Therefore the warning shall always be alarmed for everyone. As an engineering university, it is natural that BISTU has more labs and practical teaching issues. And thus we shoulder heavier responsibilities in safety and security management. We shall firmly uphold the principle of safety and security. Lessons of the past are warning signs for today. Accidents happened to others shall be reviewed carefully. Hidden dangers that we find shall be taken seriously. Vulnerability in safety and security shall be strictly controlled in every detail. We all are shouldering the responsibility of safeguarding campus safety and security and maintaining progress of the University in all respects.  

With regard to safety and security issues, Wang Yongsheng raises the request “serious in learning, perfect in system, strict in implementation”. Serious in learning indicates that all faculties, staff and students, particularly relating divisions, schools and labs shall seriously learn and understand President Xi Jinping’s important notes on security and development., regulations and laws of government in safety and security, and relating documentation published by Ministry of Education. The we will be more politically alert in hidden hazard control and have our competence in accident prevention and emergency management.  

Perfect in system means we shall strictly follow relating rules, regulations and laws of the nation and of Beijing Municipality on safety and security and then perfect a system for safety and security at BISTU. Documents and archives on safety and security shall be carefully made and kept to achieve scientific, regulated, and systematic management of safety and security issues.  

Strict in implementation means that safety and security enjoy top priority and responsibilities of safety and security are heavier than imagination. Directors, deans and heads of every sector shall bravely shoulder their responsibilities, be strict in implementation of the University’s requests on safety and security, and make sure all details are cared so as to offer strong guarantee for super normal, big-stride development of BISTU.  

Liu Yong notices of the Conference on Safety and Security issues at bid and explains arrangements of the University on future work in management of dangerous chemicals, fire control safety, food sanitation and safety, and safety education for faculties, staff and students.