Strengthening Morality Education, Carrying on the Honor

By Fri, 28 Dec 2018 GMT


Beijing, 27th December, 2018, (BISTU)— The afternoon of 27th December 2018 witnesses ceremony of retirement with honor for 57 BISTU faculties and staff held at auditorium of Xiaoying Campus, attended by Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee, President Wang Yongsheng, all other senior administrators, directors of Labor Union, directors and deans of relating divisions and schools, and representatives of retiring faculties and staff. The ceremony is hosted by Deputy Secretary General Wang Xiuyan of CPC BISTU Committee and Chairlady of Labor Union.  


On behalf of CPC BISTU Committee and administration, Wang Chuanliang pays the highest tribute and extends the best wishes to all 53 retiring faculties and staff. He expresses that respecting teachers and attaching importance to education are extremely important values of Chinese nation and serve as the fundamental reasons why our 5 thousand years of civilization could survive and shines with greater brilliance. It is even more important to carry on the tradition of respecting teachers and attaching importance to education at universities. The Ceremony is held to enhance dignity of the teaching profession at BISTU and strengthen sense of honor and sense of belonging for all faculties and staff. Looking back on achievements that the University has made in 2018, Wang Chuanliang expresses that the retiring faculties and staff have devoted their best years to BISTU and their wisdom and knowledge to all aspects of education. They are invaluable, intangible assets of the University. The University will forever remember what they have contributed to education and will produce quality service for all retired faculties and staff. Wang Chuanliang hopes that all retired faculties and staff continue to care and support development of the University and that all young faculties and staff could carry forward the fine tradition of the previous generation to make even greater achievements.  

Deputy Secretary General Liu Xiaoyi of CPC BISTU Committee welcomes all retiring faculties and staff to join the family for the retired. He says that each step of the University on the pathway of super normal, big-stride development has witnessed wisdom and effort of faculties and staff. It is sincerely hoped that all retiring faculties and staff are to embark on a new journey of life with peaceful, happy mind. Office for Retired Faculty and Staff Affairs and other relating divisions will provide due help and service whenever needed.  


Prof. Wang Yuan of School of Media and Public Administration and a representative of the retiring faculties and staff delivers a speech. She observes that sixty years of life seems to pass by in a blink of eyes. However, as a scholar growing up with the pace of 40-year reform and opening up carried in China, she lives the life so as to feel no torturing regrets for wasted years, never knowing the burning shame of a mean and petty past. She is immensely proud that she has contribute to education cause of the country for the whole life and feel extremely inspiring for achievements that the University has made in recent years. Prof. Wang Yuan hopes that young faculties and staff, now carrying forward fine traditions of the nation, would serve the university’s goal of building a high level university with distinctive feature in information technology with their talents and wisdom. Then they would feel no regrets for their life and for this great New Era. Meng Chuangli, a representative of retiring faculties and staff, expresses ardent anticipation for development of the University and growth of students with a calligraphic work “Chuan Hua Qiu Shi” (four Chinese characters, meaning glorious flowers in spring and solid fruits in autumn).  

Li Zhuo from School of Computer Science, on behalf of young faculties and staff, extends sincere thanks to senior teachers for their contribution to the University and their inculcation to young faculties and staff. He says that all BISTU young faculties and staff, with firm leadership of CPC BISTU Committee, will carry forward fine tradition and firm, indomitable spirit of senior teachers, hold onto the cause of education and contribute to development of the University. Liu Yifeng, Chairman of BISTU Students’ Union, on behalf of all students of the University, extends most sincere gratitude to teachers for their propagating the doctrine, imparting professional knowledge, and resolving doubts. He also sends best wishes to the retiring faculties and staff for happy retirement life. He expresses that young students will not fall short of teachers’ expectation and will work diligently with honor to serve the nation and reward the society with outstanding performance.  


Wang Chuanliang and Wang Yongsheng present Certificate of Retirement with Honor and Autograph Book of Retirement for all retiring faculties and staff. Other senior administrators present red scarves symbolizing peace and auspiciousness and then group photos are taken.  

The University also has organized art performance for the ceremony. I Still Remember the Day, a poetry recital performed by faculties and staff, tells the whole story of colorful life of teachers. From the very first day they stand on the rostrum to the minute they officially retire, the faculties and staff have contributed their life to education with focus on morality and development of the University. The ceremony is concluded with a chorus Keeping a Beginner’s Mind, showing their deepest love of education, the people, and the nation.    

Reflections of some retiring faculties and staff: 

He Shensi: Being a teacher is the profession I love in my whole life.  

Wang Yuan: Sixty years have passes by, like light in a blink of eye; should a wish for next life be granted, to teaching still I would contribute.  

Wang Xingwei: How time flies and now I am retiring. The past 45 years have witnessed deep friendship between me and the University, colleagues, and dear friends. I cherish and appreciate it. Thank you, my university, my colleagues and friends! 

Meng Chuangli: After scores of years devoted to teaching and seeing scores of rounds of four seasons, it seems that in a sudden I am to retire. An old hero still cherishes high aspirations and I will be waiting to see a even brighter future of BISTU.  

Cui Wei: Retirement is just a comma not a full stop. There are a lot of possibilities and choices after the comma. We shall continue to work based on our own situations and strengths. Our life is still full of vitality and energy. The setting sun is more beautiful and is expecting another rising sun. Each day is full of hope so long as you have the hope.  

Zheng Qingyu: Looking back on the past 30-odd years of learning at and working for the University, I have developed extraordinary feelings with the University: I witness her growth and she sees mine; she carries my vision of beauty, realizes my dreams, and helps me achieve my values.  

Liu Bin: “In the spring we swim in clear waters and we dance happily. Then we sing along the way home.” Retirement means I will continue to enjoy my life. My mind is still fresh. I sincerely hope that my future will see more joy and happiness.