Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Computer Programs Established at BISTU Successfully Completes

By Tue, 18 Dec 2018 GMT

Beijing, 18th December, 2018, (BISTU)— On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of China’s opening up and reform, celebration of the 40th anniversary for establishment of computer programs at BISTU, themed on “developing together with reform and opening up and IT progress”, successfully completes on Jianxiangqiao Campus. The ceremony is attended by Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee, Deputy Secretary General Chen Qinghua of CPC BISTU Committee, retired senior administrators like Zheng Junli, Feng Xiaochun, Guan Zhonghe, Yue Wenyhuan, Zhao Gang, Zhang Zuyini, representatives of alumni, faculties and staff of School of Computer Science, and representatives of postgraduate and undergraduate students. The Ceremony is hosted by Dean Li Ning of School of Computer Science.  


On behalf of the University, Wang Chuanliang extends best wishes to the 40th anniversary of School of Computer Science. He positively comments that the School has always kept up pace with reform and opening up, centered on demand of the State, Beijing, and industry, and spared no efforts to cultivation of talents. History of the School has witnessed a number of graduates of excellence who have made extraordinary contributions to national economy particularly IT industry, including famous experts such as Yang Tianxing, Zhou Xiling and Su Dongzhuang and excellent graduates such as Ji Yichao and Wang Ning.  


With regard to BISTU three-step development strategy guided by “construction of five environments”, Wang Chuanliang raises requests for faculties and students of School of Computer Science: firstly, holding on to the feature of information technology, focusing on development tendency of information era, and make information technology the strength of the whole School; secondly, upholding the idea of education with focus on morality, optimizing mode of talent cultivation, and nurturing more quality talents of applied learning; and thirdly, realizing “School dream” to build a school with highest happiness index, and combining scientific spirit with humanity spirit.  


In his address, as an alumnus enrolled in BISTU in 1981, Li Ning recalls development history of the School since 1978. The past forty years see dramatic changes happened to the School and to the University: from a couple of offices in a small campus to an 80-hectare new campus; from one shared computer to thousands of computing nodes; from the first cohort of 106 students to annual admission of 500 students; from admission of second-tier high school graduates in Beijing to admission of first-tier high school graduates nationwide; and from zero to a hundred of postgraduate students learning with the School.  

The past forty years have yielded rich fruits. Now the School has four undergraduate programs, a state-level innovation base, a municipal level experimental teaching center, and ministerial level labs. Recent five years have witnessed that faculties and students win a hundred-odd awards, publish over 500 journal articles, and obtained 40.9 million RMB research fund. In all 11,380 graduates have studied with the School and average salary of graduating students ranks 37th among peers throughout the country.  


Xiong Ping, Board Chairman of 51CTO and an alumnus enrolled in 1993, delivers a speech on behalf of all alumni. He extends sincere thanks to alma mater and teachers. Still vivid in his memory is the first impression of BISTU on his first day of registration, the most delicious food---Jioazi made by Zhang Zuyin for sick students, and care and wisdom of all teachers. He is immensely proud of being a member of BISTU. Says Xiong.  


Prof. Ma Li from North China University of Technology extends best wishes on behalf of peer schools. He recalls that the textbooks then at college are edited by Su Dongzhuang. He firmly holds that success of the School is inevitable result of joint efforts. And he wishes the best of the School and expects that two universities will work together to make more breakthroughs in the field of computer science.  

As former supervising senior administrator of School of Computer Science, Zheng Junli says that firstly computer programs enjoy a very long history and sees rapid progress. Secondly, academic disciplinary construction, academic research, and talent cultivation of the School is extensively recognized in society. And thirdly, the School enjoys very good social reputation in that faculties and staff of the School work closely together, students win numerous awards on and off campus, and alumni are outstanding. Then best wishes are sent by other former senior administrators and faculties.  

On the Ceremony, five alumni including Tian Yuhou are awarded “Alumni of special contribution” to commend their contributions and achievements. Twenty alumni including He Hongliang are awarded “Outstanding alumni”. Director Liu Bin of Office for External Liaison announces name list for “Alumni of special contribution”. Secretary Han Junyan of CPC BISTU School of Computer Science Committee announces name list for “Outstanding alumni” and presents certificates to award winners together with Deputy Secretary Yang Jing of CPC BISTU School of Computer Science Committee 


Warm and grand applause of the Celebration welcomes Wang Chuanliang and Zheng Junli to push on the crystal ball, symbolizing opening ceremony of series activities for the 40th anniversary of School of Computer Science.  


A group photo for all participants of the celebration is taken. And then senior administrators and guests are shown around “exhibition of development of Computer Science School” where their contributions and youth are recorded.