BISTU Successfully Passes Acceptance Inspection of Logistics Service in Universities

By Sat, 24 Nov 2018 GMT

Beijing, 23rd November, 2018, (BISTU)—Acceptance Inspection Committee of Logistics Service in Universities, headed by Commissioner Wang Dingdong of Beijing Municipal Educational Commission, concludes inspection on logistics service of BISTU on 23rd November 2018.   

The working group arrives at the University at 9am and then holds a meeting at Xiaoying Campus hosted by Wang Dingdong and attended by all members of the Inspection Committee, President Wang Yongsheng, Vice President Chen Gang, Assistant to Vice President Luan Zhongquan, and directors of relating divisions.   

Following his introduction to all members of the Committee, Wang Dingdong explains overall arrangements and procedures of the inspection. He emphasizes that standardization of logistics is playing an increasingly important role in enhancing overall management and sustainable development of logistics in universities. Based on documentations submitted, self-appraisal reports and pre-appraisal of expert committee, BISTU is qualified for acceptance inspection.   

On behalf of the University, Wang Yongsheng extends warmest welcome to the Committee and sincere thanks for their guidance. He introduces history, talent cultivation, team building, construction of academic disciplines, and academic research of BISTU with special focus on educational features of the University as well as construction of a high level university with distinctive feature in information technology. Wang Yongsheng emphasizes that logistic service is indispensable for key issues of the University. It is hoped that logistic service at BISTU, with guidance of the Acceptance Inspection Committee, will be further improved.  

On behalf of the University, Luan Zhongquan extends warm welcome to the Committee and delivers a report on Regulating Management, Innovating Service, Enhancing Competence in Logistic Service, covering students’ halls, dinning halls, and other relating facilities. He discusses practice and exploration of the University in four aspects, i.e., regulating everyday management and innovating service model, focusing on team building, implementing the spirit of delicacy management in Students’ Halls, and enhancing service standard to build better dinning environment. 

After the report, experts of the Committee review documents on standardization of Students’ Halls and dinning halls, followed by on-site observation of four students’ halls on Xiaoying and Qinghe campuses. Experts also visit students’ dinning halls and Muslim canteen with detailed inspection of environment, sanitation, quality of food, price and tableware sterilization. They also conduct random inspection on the kitchens and dishes. Meanwhile, the working group also holds talks with representatives of faculties and staff as well as head of different sectors of logistics.  

Inspection and review of documentation show that standardization of logistic service at BISTU is qualified and thus passes acceptance inspection, according to the working group. On behalf of BISTU, Wang Yongsheng extends sincere thanks to experts for their positive confirmation of achievements in logistic service and valuable suggestions. He says that the University will take the suggestions seriously into perfection of BISTU logistic service so as to safeguard construction of BISTU as a high level university with distinctive feature in information technology.