Wang Chuanliang Inspects the New Campus

By Tue, 20 Nov 2018 GMT

Beijing, 19th November, 2018, (BISTU) Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee, accompanied by Vice President Liu Yong and assistants to Vice President Luan Zhongquan and Lin Guoce, inspects BISTU New Campus on 19th November 2018. 

Wang Chuanliang firstly arrives at the North Gate of the New Campus and then starts inspecting roads of the Campus to the south of the gate. Then they visit construction sites of Students’ Halls and Teaching Buildings where Wang Chuanliang holds talks with staff and faculties responsible for relating issues on construction work progress, duration of construction and safety. 

Following on-site inspection, Wang Chuanliang hosts working meeting on construction of the New Campus. He reviews reports delivered by staff and faculties and raises clarified requests on future working arrangements. The meeting is attended by all members of Headquarter of New Campus Construction. 

On behalf of CPC BISTU Committee, Wang Chuanliang positively confirms steadfast progress of construction of the New Campus and sings high praise of efforts and contribution of faculties and staff. He emphasizes that construction of the New Campus is one of three major objectives of BISTU in 2020, a key step of BISTU development, a major event in development of modern education of global level with features in line with Beijing as the Capital, and an important part of construction of Beijing as four centers. He requests that firstly all staff and faculties shall be fully aware of important implications of construction of the New Campus. It shall be able to serve the objective of Beijing as the four centers. Secondly, construction work shall be facilitated in a timely manner for it is now the time to act. Wang Chuanliang emphasizes that construction of the New Campus is now the front line of BISTU development. It involves all staff and faculties of the University. Not only careful organization and scientific approaches are required but also contribution of every participant is necessary for smooth progress of construction. And thirdly, construction of the New Campus shall be a model of incorruption. Wang Chuanliang emphasizes that we shall be forever attaching enough importance to Party building. Each staff and faculty participating in construction of the New Campus shall be self-disciplined and shall strictly follow all rules and regulations. All shall keep alert to complete a project of sunshine and incorruption on the New Campus.  

Wang Chuanliang further stresses that new situation of higher educational development in Beijing and construction of Beijing as the four centers pose new requirements for universities. With firm leadership of supervising institutions and support of all BISTU faculties and staff and guided by “construction of five environments”, CPC BISTU Committee uphold socialist principle of education and focus on moral education of students. We have invested substantial efforts in solving key problems in development of the University. Recent years have witnessed a series of achievements. Now we have a clearer objective, have made breakthroughs in bottleneck problems, and have completed a series of key issues with high quality. It is now a crucial period for construction of the New Campus. Wang Chuanliang requests that all faculties and staff keep up their spirit and make steady headway on construction of the New Campus. It is time that we are to be courageous to shoulder the historical responsibilities without concerns about individual gains and losses.