Vice President Xu Baojie Meets with Faculties and Students of Chienkuo Technology University

By Sat, 10 Nov 2018 GMT

Beijing, 9th November, 2018, (BISTU)--- Vice President Xu Baojie meets with faculties and students of Chienkuo Technology University who are to attend 2018 North China Five Provinces University Students Robotics Competition at BISTU.  


Xu Baojie extends warmest welcome to Chienkuo Technology University delegation and says that the 6th North China Five Provinces University Students Robotics Competition is to be held at BISTU. The Competition has witnessed outstanding performance of Chienkuo delegation since the 2nd Competition and now it is the fifth cohort of Chienkuo delegation. A number of very imaginative, very innovative works have been produced to show educational and research achievements of Taiwan universities in the field of artificially intelligence and robotics. They also bring along inspiration for all students of the Competition. Xu Baojie extends thanks to generous support of faculties and students of Chienkuo Technology University and hopes that the Competition will also serve as a stage for scholars and students across the strait to show their talents and to exchange with each other.  


Chienkuo Technology University delegation is headed by Shengyuan Hsu, Chair of Department of Industrial Engineering and Service Management. Following his thanks to warm reception of BISTU, Prof. Hsu introduces the delegation and says that Chienkuo delegation has signed up for robotic innovative design and robotic arts. It is educational feature of Chienkuo Technology University to integrate art and creative ideas into engineering education. And Chienkuo Technology University expects to conduct more extensive, deeper collaboration with BISTU in education and research and work together to facilitate construction of smart classrooms and robotics major.  

To commend great support offered by Chienkuo Technology University with the Competition, the Organizing Committee grants the University an Award of Organizing Excellence and Xu Baojie presents the award.  


After the meeting, a seminar is held between Chienkuo Technology University delegation and faculties of BISTU including Vice Dean Wang Hongjun of School of Electromechanical Engineering and Vice Dean Chen Wenbai of School of Automation. The two parties explore issues relating to in-depth collaboration, industry-research-university integration and cultivation of talents of applied learning.  

The meeting is also attended by all members of Chienkuo delegation, Director Wang Xingfen of Academic Affairs’ Office, and Dr. Lu Jing, Director of Office for Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Affairs.