Meeting on Study Abroad Projects in 2018 Successfully Completes

By Thu, 01 Nov 2018 GMT

Beijing, 30th October, 2018, (BISTU)--- BISTU meeting on Study Abroad Projects in 2018 successfully completes at Xiaoying Campus. The meeting, hosted by Dr. Lu Jing, Director of International Cooperation Department, and attended by Director Guo Yinhui of Students’ Affairs Office and Vice Dean Xue Chunyan of School of Applied Sciences, reviews reports delivered by students who have participated all study-abroad projects held in 2018.  


Lu Ying, together with other 11 students representing 8 study abroad projects, delivers detailed reports on their trip. They share the experiences and harvests of learning and visiting BISTU partnership universities and produce valuable suggestions for future similar projects.  

Students agree unanimously that they are comprehensively enhanced in competences of all aspects by attending summer programs in overseas partners of the University. Regarding life, they learn more skills of survival and they could enjoy life whatever it brings along. Regarding learning, they are greatly improved in competence of expressing themselves and communicating with others. Also they broaden their horizons while obtain first-hand materials on technological frontiers. Summer programs also encourage students to re-think the role of education and cultural communication in this world. These programs, according to students, offer opportunities of comparison, which make them more aware of the responsibility in publicizing and inheriting Chinese history and culture.  

Xue Chunyan points out that not only students’ language proficiency is enhanced and international horizon is broadened but also their way of thinking is improved together with their capacity in independent living and inter-personal communication. Observation and practice abroad enable students to know more about frontier achievements of the fields of their study and thus they now have new ideals and goals. Guo Yinhui says that summer programs provide a chance for students to experience academic, living and business features in different cultures and therefore they are improved in cross-cultural communication and understanding of diversity of cultures. It is a great tool in motivating students and strengthens students’ awareness in inheriting and publicizing Chinese history and culture.   

In her remark, Dr. Lu Jing, Director of International Cooperation Department, generalizes that outstanding performance of BISTU students has deeply impressed all institutions involved and they have built up an even better BISTU image. Sharing personal experiences will encourage and attract more students to participate in summer programs, which would facilitate development of international exchange and communication at BISTU. Valuable suggestions raised by students are very helpful for further improvement of summer programs, which would play an important role in enhancing international awareness of students and promoting approval of doctoral degree programs. International Cooperation Department will again expand channels of exchange, build even better projects and spare no efforts to offer more platforms and projects.