Wang Yongsheng Conducts Survey and Service Research at School of Automation

By Wed, 31 Oct 2018 GMT

Beijing, 31st October 2018 (BISTU) President Wang Yongsheng, accompanied by directors of relating departments, conduct survey and service research at School of Automation.  


Dean Su Zhong of School of Automation delivers a report on history, working arrangement, achievements that the School has made in 2018, and problems and barriers in development. Another report delivered by Secretary Cao Jinhong of CPC BISTU School of Automation Committee covers political construction, ideological construction, disciplinary construction, and system construction at the School. Wang Yongsheng also hosts talks with department chairs, directors of various department, and tutor representatives on team building, academic discipline development and talent cultivation.  


Wang Yongsheng speaks positively of mental attitude and cultural atmosphere of the School and says that the School has made outstanding achievements in perfecting innovation educational system and cultivating talents with innovative spirit. He stresses that President Xi Jinping on National Conference on Education has systematically raised requests for cultivation of successors and builders of socialist course with Chinese characteristics based on nature of socialist education with Chinese characteristics, fundamental realities of the country, and challenges coming along with the times. As a university, we shall take home to ourselves the spirit of Central Party Committee, be brave to shoulder our responsibilities, and actively contribute to education. We shall also focus on talent cultivation and promote integration among talent cultivation, academic research and academic disciplinary construction so as to build a high level talent cultivation system.  

Based on the spirit of National Conference on Education and BISTU goal in 2020 to apply for approval of doctoral degree programs, Wang Yongsheng raises concrete requirements for the School. Regarding talent cultivation, he requests that the School shall keep focusing on moral education to optimize talent cultivation system. Morality-based education shall be fully implemented to improve quality of talent cultivation and to ensure that the right direction for talent cultivation is set. Regarding academic disciplinary construction and approval of doctoral degree programs, Wang Yongsheng says that a thorough, detailed plan shall be made in the first place with vision of the future and scientific methodology. Team building shall be enhanced and academic leaders of various disciplines shall be introduced to BISTU so as to boost high level research and collaboration.  

Wang Yongsheng also raises suggestions for specialty construction and academic platforms construction. He says that the University will actively support development of the School and provide due help whenever necessary. It is hoped that the School should hold adversity consciousness, research on bottleneck of development and work with united strength to contribute to 2020 developmental goals of the University.