Wang Yongsheng Conducts Survey And Research at Education and History Divisions

By Fri, 26 Oct 2018 GMT

Beijing, 25th October 2018 (BISTU)— President Wang Yongsheng, accompanied by directors of relating divisions, conducts survey and research at Office for Higher Education Research and Office for Alumni and University History.  

Directors of the two divisions deliver reports to President Wang Yongsheng on achievements and latest progress. Wang Yongsheng reviews archives, literature, documentation and survey reports of the two divisions. He also holds talks with faculties and staff to learn about their research interests, job responsibilities and their reflections of work. 

At Office for Higher Education Research, Wang Yongsheng positively confirms contribution which the Office has made to higher education research as well as to development of BISTU in respect of information survey, sorting and analysis on higher education. He stresses that Office for Higher Education Research is a unit of academic research in higher education and consultancy in educational policies. It is suggested that in the future the Office should enhance political awareness, broaden horizon, strengthen communication and exchange, and have dialectical thinking in academic research and information sharing centered on key missions of the University and actual situation of reform and development of higher education in Beijing. It is aimed at offering consultancy for reform and development of BISTU and intellectual support for construction and development of Beijing as the Capital.   

At Office for Alumni and University History, Wang Yongsheng says that the Office has made outstanding achievements in alumni contacts, construction of Alumni Association, and sorting out history of BISTU. He emphasizes that alumni are invaluable resources of higher educational institutions and University history is the true, authentic record of development of a university. The two offices carry important implications for construction of BISTU as a high level university with distinct features in information technology. Regarding alumni affairs, it is recommended that the Office expand links and promote collaboration between the University and society. Historical archives are important assents of the University. Says Wang Yongsheng. And he requests that the Office continues to collect documentation and clarify important historical facts. It is an vital task to respect history and truthfully tell the story of BISTU with focus on the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, national strategic innovation, and features of BISTU education. It serves as a key part of inheritance of BISTU cultural heritage.