Wang Yongsheng Conducts Survey and Research at Electromechanical Field Practice Center, Computing Center, and Information Control Center

By Fri, 12 Oct 2018 GMT

Beijing, 12th October 2018 (BISTU)--- BISTU President Wang Yongsheng and Lu Lei, standing member of CPC BISTU Committee and Director of Organizational Department, conduct survey and research successively at Electromechanical Field Practice Center, Computing Center, and Information Control Center and hold talks with faculties there. 

During the survey and research, Wang Yongsheng observes working reports delivered by these units and obtains understanding of progress in team building, platform construction, teaching, academic research, cooperation and exchange, sustainable development, etc. 

Wang Yongsheng positively confirms their years of efforts and contributions to education and teaching and talent cultivation at BISTU and praises these units for their positive mental outlook. He points out that field practice teaching is an effective way to consolidate theoretical knowledge and deepen understanding of existing theories. It is an important pathway to cultivate high quality talents of applied learning with innovation awareness. The University attaches great importance to construction and development of teaching platforms for field practice. He emphasizes that construction and development of field practice teaching centers has to look at the whole from a higher stance and broaden horizons and ways of thinking. Higher level of teaching, academic research and talent cultivation shall be fully considered. System construction shall be in line with top design, general goal, and general mission of the University. The Centers shall organically, comprehensively think of staff development and team building. Construction and development of the centers shall be an organic part of disciplinary development of the University. A simultaneous mode of development is request so as to achieve sustainable development. 

During the survey, Wang Yongsheng also visits some sectors of the centers, including milling workshop, electric machining workshop, forging and casting workshop, computer rooms, and electronic technology and electrical engineering lab. He also holds talks with faculties and students.