Opening ceremony of BISTU 2018 Autumn Semester Successfully Completes

By Thu, 13 Sep 2018 GMT 

Beijing, 12th September 2018 (BISTU)— Cool breeze of an autumn morning on 12th September witnesses grand opening ceremony for over 3000 undergraduate students, postgraduate students, and international students of BISTU. The Ceremony is attended by all senior administrators currently at school. Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee particularly recommends Feng Yu-lan’s A History of Chinese Philosophy, though he is away from the University for business reasons. The Ceremony, hosted by Vice President Xu Baojie, is also attended by deans of schools, director of divisions, representative of alumni, supervisors, tutors, etc. 

President Wang Yongsheng addresses to the ceremony on behalf of the whole University and extends warmest greetings to all new students. At the moment when students are embarking on a new journey of their life, Wang Yongsheng says that firstly he hopes that students will shoulder responsibilities of the times and look to the future to contribute to advancement of the nation. Looking back to glorious history of BISTU, Wang Yongsheng expresses that the past 80 years see both hardships and contributions of the University. He hopes that the students would carry forward fine traditions and university motto to shoulder their responsibilities and internalize the principle of becoming a “patriotic, diligent, serious, and practical” student in their minds. It is hoped that each student shall work hard for peaceful development of China and focus more on innovative competence and practical capacity. A bright future is based on today’s efforts. Secondly, students shall be responsible for themselves, work hard and seriously, and build a life of value for themselves. Wang Yongsheng points out that university is a place for people to explore the truth and accumulate knowledge. Mission of any university in the world is the same: to nurture talents who are able to contribute to the nation, the society and the families. He hopes that the new students do not only focus on classroom learning but also cherish opportunities of exploring in a much broader world inclusive of faculties, classmates and schoolmates, roommates, and societies and associations. It is in exchange and communication with various thoughts and cultures that students will grow faster and stronger. He is convinced that students at BISTU will develop their integrity, innovative thinking and international horizon. And thirdly, it is important for students to love the world, to be virtuous, and to enjoy their wonderful youth. The highest degree is not Ph.D. but virtue and morality. Says Wang Yongsheng. And he adds that BISTU students shall hold onto to high moral standards and temper themselves in every aspect and then enjoy the best of their youth at the University. 

Representative Liu Kexin, co-founder of a media company, general director and general editor of the company, delivers a speech to all new students. Looking back to the four years at BISTU, she tells the new students that the future is based on whether you are responsible in everyday learning, whether you are enthusiastic enough, whether you have conducted in-depth thinking, and whether you have the courage to perfect yourself. An outstanding student shall be able to show his/her talent on any stage, keep knowledge and learning to himself/herself, and leave the Alma Mater with glory and love. 

Mottos for respective schools are announced by representatives of new students. Gong Guanglin, Chairman of BISTU Students’ Union, takes a solemn oath with all new students: we will keep up pace with the times, be courageous in shouldering the responsibilities given us by the times, bear in mind and strictly follow the university motto of “diligence in learning and honor for life”, perfect ourselves in all respects, build a better future, and contribute to rejuvenation of great Chinese nation.