Address to Opening Ceremony of 2018 Autumn Semester

By Thu, 13 Sep 2018 GMT

President of BISTU: Wang Yongsheng 

Beijing, 12th September 2018 (BISTU) 

Dear colleagues, dear parents of students, dear new students, 

Good morning! The golden September is always the best month of the year at BISTU in that we are welcoming 2717 undergraduate students and 541 postgraduates from 31 provinces of China to join our family. On behalf of the University and all faculties and staff, I sincerely extend the warmest greetings to you all!  

Recent years have witnessed rapid progress of BISTU in actively adjusting disciplines, focusing on the central role of talent cultivation, and building a high level university with distinct feature in information technology with the spirit of “diligence in learning and honor for life”. It attracts a large quantity of outstanding students from all corners of the country. I thank you for your trust BISTU with the future four years, during which we will share with each other and work hard with each other.  

BISTU was born in the initial stage of Anti-Japanese War. The past 80-odd years have witnessed both hardships and contributions of the University despite of mergers, adjustments, and movements. Since reform and opening up, particularly in the last few years, the University has closely followed national and social demands, focused on the feature of information technology, and strengthened innovation practice. We have achieved fruitful results in the area of new generation information technology, smart manufacturing and robots, photo electronic detection and system, dynamic navigation and sensors, and knowledge management and cycle economy. Our students are hard-working, ambitious and competent, loyal to their work places, and make outstanding contributions and are thus very well received by the society. New students here most are born after 2000. As young people of the new times, you will carry forward the spirit of “diligence and honor”, grow as you fight for your future, and make your achievements as you grow. As your President and as your teacher, I would like to share something with you on the moment when you are to embark on a new journey of your life.  

Firstly, you shall be responsible for the times, focus on the future, and shoulder the responsibility for national development.  

Dear students, the year 2018 is the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up. The past 40 years have witnessed dramatic changes happened to China. As our nation advances, BISTU also experiences a long period of hardships and growth. Shouldering responsibilities of the nation, all BISTUers work diligently and contribute effectively to industrialization and modernization of our country. Today, the University is investing efforts in construction of information technology disciplines and actively serving the area of smart manufacturing and informatization. The University has built a road of innovation and practice for all students. Then we shall shoulder the responsibilities of the times and improve ourselves while serving the nation.  

President Xi Jinping has said that “A nation will prosper only when its young people thrive; a country will be full of hope and have a great tomorrow only when its younger generations have ideals, ability, and a strong sense of responsibility. The Chinese Dream is a dream about history, the present, and the future. It is a dream of our generation, but even more so, a dream of the younger generations. The Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation will be realized ultimately through the endeavors of young people, generation by generation.” Dear students, you are now witnessing an era with the most powerful innovative spirit and that China is coming closer to the objective of great rejuvenation. During your schooling years, that is the year 2012, you will see the realization of the first “centenary goal”. As a college student, your responsibility is not only to study and research but also to focus on yet-to-solve technological problems and social issues. You shall internalize the principle of becoming a “patriotic, diligent, serious, and practical” student in your minds as well as in your actions. I sincerely hope that you study hard for the peaceful development of China, and focus more on innovative competence and practical capacity. A bright future is based on today’s efforts.  

Secondly, you shall work hard and seriously and build a life of value for yourselves.  

Dear students, I have a question for new students on each opening ceremony of each academic year. The question is: why do you want to go to college? University is a place where you pursue the truth and accumulate knowledge. Mission of any university is the same: to nurture talents who are able to contribute to the nation, the society and the families. An old Chinese saying goes “There is no royal road to learning”. Only with diligence will you be able to gain something from the mountain of books and learning. Of course, in addition to hard-working in academic studies, you shall not only focus on classroom learning but also cherish opportunities of exploring in a much broader world inclusive of faculties, classmates and schoolmates, roommates, and societies and associations. It is in exchange and communication with various thoughts and cultures that students will grow faster and stronger. At BISTU, you are bathed in “diligence in learning and honor for life”, feeling the serious and practical atmosphere, and enjoying the opportunity of joining Water, a team who has won five world championships in robot competitions. You will benefit from lectures delivered by faculties of national excellence and experience educational globalization on campus. Also you will see a new, modernized campus to be completed in 2020. You will become a better self after experiencing the changes and living and learning in a better BISTU. I sincerely hope that you are courageous in exploring the unknown, stay hungry and stay foolish, and work hard to stand out amongst peers. And I am more eager to see that you are comprehensively developed in personality, innovative thinking, and international horizon so as to make your youth shining through the time.  

Thirdly, you shall love the world, be virtuous, and enjoy your wonderful youth.  

University does not only give birth to knowledge and wisdom but also civilization and values. Choosing a university means you have chosen a culture. BISTU attaches importance not only to knowledge learning but also to cultivation of morality, values, and social responsibilities of students. Recent years have witnessed our progress in “construction of five environments”, i.e., spatial environment, school-running environment, educational environment, governance environment, and emotional environment. We attach great importance to education with focus on morality and construction of university culture. You will hear and see a number of touching stories at the University. Du Jiamei from School of Foreign Studies is also the founder of “Star Hope Rehabilitation Center for Autistic Children”. Since 2004 she has provided rehabilitation for over 3000 autistic children around the whole country with the training program she develops. With greater love, she ignites hope for thousands of families. And she is elected as Top Ten News People of Beijing, and is nominated as Moral Model of China. Once your integrity is recognized you will have numerous friends help you. Integrity, kindness and honesty will bring you the true happiness and sense of achievement. In the near future, most of you would be happy to receive your bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees. However, I would like to remind you that the highest degree is not a bachelor or a master, nor is it a doctoral degree. It is your integrity and honesty! Only with integrity and honesty will you be able to build up your own future. You shall hold onto to high moral standards and temper yourselves in every aspect and then enjoy the best of their youth at the University. 

Dear students, BISTU has nurtured one cohort after another talents of excellence for the nation, including Prof. Yang Tianxing and Prof. Zhou Xiling who have participated in researching China’s first mainframe computer, Prof. Zhang Fuxue who has devoted his whole life to research and who has won twice state award for science and technology, Xu Ying who is the youngest Ph.D. supervisor of Chinese Academic of Sciences and who is honored as “Goddess of COMPASS”, and Ji Yichao the cover figure of Forbes for his outstanding entrepreneurial choice. They have contributed substantially to the country and the society and they are the examples for us to follow. I am fully convinced that in this New Era of vitality and opportunity, each of you will find your positions and realize your values. In the end, I sincerely wish that the following years at BISTU will be wonderful, regretless ones for your and I look forward to sharing your happiness of graduation! 

Thank you all!