BISTU Welcomes New Students

By Tue, 11 Sep 2018 GMT 

Beijing, 10th September 2018 (BISTU)— BISTU welcomes over 3000 new undergraduate and postgraduate students from all over the country for opening ceremony of the new semester of 2018. Campuses in early Autumn hears their laughters of joy and witnesses their youthful vitality and spirit. 

Morning breeze washes away previously stuffy weather and brings in cool air and blossoms. Everything is ready for meeting the new students, display boards, colorful flags and greeting posters, together with faculties and staff and volunteer on Xiaoying, Jianxiangqiao and Qinghe campuses are also waving welcome to new students. 

On the morning President Wang Yongsheng, accompanied by directors of relating divisions, comes visit the site designed for welcoming new students and their parents. Wang Yongsheng cordially talks with new students and their parents to learn about their needs as well as their suggestions for the University. He encourages them to quickly adapt to college life and embark on a new journey of life. And in front of sand table for the New Campus, BISTU senior administrators offer an introduction to progress of construction of the New Campus. They tell the busy faculties and staff that they have done a very good job and everything shall be carefully handled to ensure that each student is warmly received. 

Morning on campuses sees new students with their luggage, parents with expectations, and busy registration desks. Smiling volunteers help the new students complete registration process. Deans of schools, chairs of various departments, supervisors all come to the sites to serve new students and their parents. For convenience of the students, BISTU schools produce various walkthroughs for students’ registration. They have drawn flowcharts of registrations, built wechat groups, organized phone contacts, and recruited a number of volunteers.  

Security work for meeting the new students has been very early planned and prepared well. In every corner students can see banners for precaution against phone fraud. “Precaution against phone fraud and on-campus illegal loans are the two major issues that we will invest enough time and energy. Not only can you see banners on the playground, we have also set up broadcasting information on students’ Halls.” Says Du Ping from Office for Security. The University has also prepared gift pack for financially difficult students and green passage for their registration. On later stage the University will produce a series of policies like work-study program to help financially-difficult students.  

The University expands enrollment of two courses, i.e., Robotic Engineering and Data Science and Big Data Technology. The two courses also recruit schooling students, which attract quite a few students of other majors. Li Haobo, a student from School of Automation, has applied for re-enrollment of Data Science and Big Data Technology. “I just think that in an information society, such a major would equip me with more powerful gears and it also has better prospects.” Says Li Haobo.  

All three campuses are crowded with joyous parents and students who are excited about the future. Zhao Kaiqiang from Nei Mongol is enrolled in Electronic Information Science and Technology. His mother is very happy to witness that her son is embarking on a new journey in life: “I sincerely hope that my son will broaden his horizon in college, work hard, keep pace with the times and become a righteous contributor to the society.” Zhu Guiling, a new student of School of Information Management, says that “college life is a new beginning and I will keep on working on the path to the future.” 

Opening ceremony is to be held on 12th September, 2018.