BISTU 2018 Commendation Meeting for Faculties Morality Building Successfully Concludes

By Mon, 10 Sep 2018 GMT 

Beijing, 10th September 2018 (BISTU)— Fragrance of fragrans welcomes clear Autumn days and grand opening ceremony of BISTU 2018 Commendation Meeting for Faculties Morality Building at Students’ Art Activities Center of Xiaoying Campus as well as celebration of the 34th Teachers’ Day to commend faculties who have been working for 30 years or above and faculties with outstanding performances. The Meeting is attended by all University senior administrators, representatives of faculties, and representatives of students. The meeting, attended and addressed to by Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee and Deputy Secretary General Wang Xiuyan of CPC BISTU Committee, is hosted by Deputy Secretary General Liu Xiaoyi of CPC BISTU Committee. 

On behalf of the University, Wang Chuanliang extends warm greetings to all faculties for the holiday and sincere congratulations to all faculties who have been commended. Themed on “upholding noble faculty morality and devoting to education”, his address focuses on three aspects, i.e., achievements and confidence, current situation and mission, and future development. Firstly, he reviews a series of achievements BISTU has made, under the guidance of “construction of five environments”, in respect of clarification of objectives, making breakthroughs in bottlenecks, and completion of key tasks. Wang Chuanliang points out that the past achievements are fruits of effort of all faculties and staff. It shows our solid foundation, competence and potential. Faculties are the base and hope of BISTU’s super normal, big-stride development. With a detailed analysis of new missions and new requirements upon faculties in the New Era, Wang Chuanliang emphasizes that faculties are a principal part in “construction of five environments”. Realization of 2020 goals needs efforts of each faculty and staff. He requests that all faculties shall “be together and be unique” and at the same time faculties shall “give enough room to individuals, share advantage, be happy for others’ achievement, and help each other” so as to find their respective places in construction of five environments. And then joint efforts of the whole University could promote super normal, big-stride development of BISTU. With regard to “four requirements” upon faculties, i.e., faith, discipline, morality and contribution, Wang Chuanliang says that the University has set up relating standards based on practical situation at BISTU and raised the requirements for faculties that they shall be “politically firm, professionally leading, comprehensively developed, diligently inclusive, and honestly loving”. He raises four requirements on faculty morality building at BISTU: firstly a long-run mechanism shall be established; secondly discipline shall be strengthened with advancement of moral education; thirdly, ideological education shall be gentle, mild and penetrating; and fourthly, all shall keep up pace with the times and cultivate the habit of life-long learning. In the end, Wang Chuanliang hopes that faculties shall bear in mind the noble mission of education with morality and actively cultivate builders and successors of socialist course featuring an all-round development in morality, intelligence, physique and art and contribute to super normal, big-stride development of the University. 

Wang Xiuyan introduces current status and progress of faculty morality building at the University. A survey shows that faculty morality at BISTU is pretty sound. Most of BISTU faculties are strictly observing the laws and disciplines, loving their job, devoting to education, professionally dedicated to teaching, and ardent in serving the society. Wang Xiuyan interprets three documents published by BISTU on faculty morality in recent times and emphasizes that noble morality of faculties is the most vivid, concrete, and far-reaching education that students can receive. She points out that faculty morality building is a continuous process which deserves high degree importance and effort of all faculties and staff. It also shall be closely connected to talent cultivation, academic research, social service, culture inheritance and innovation, and party building. Faculty morality building shall be able to produce powerful support with super normal, big-stride development of BISTU. 

Prof. Xu Xiaoli delivers a speech as representative of the commended faculties. He extends thanks to the University for the care and support with faculties. He sincerely wishes that the University would carry forward development in education features, quality, and content and finally build a high level university with distinct feature in information technology. 

The university senior administrators respectively grant awards to state-level faculty team, faculties who win state-level, minister-level and industry-level prizes, faculties who have won teaching achievement award of Beijing Municipality and who have been awarded as Preeminent Teachers of Beijing, leading talent honor winners, winners of all university-held competitions, supervisors and mentor of excellence, etc.