BISTU Working Conference on New Semester and Science and Technology Development Successfully Completes

By Fri, 07 Sep 2018 GMT 

Beijing, 7th September 2018 (BISTU)— Themed on “Active initiative, focusing on quality development and information feature, reforming and innovating, BISTU enhances level of issues on science and technology development”, BISTU Working Conference on New Semester and Science and Technology Development successfully completes on Xiaoying Campus on 7th September, 2018. The Conference systematically discusses BISTU achievements in recent years, locates various problems, analyzes current situation, and clarifies future thinking and measures. Meanwhile, the Conference also raises requests upon working arrangements in the coming semester. Keynote speeches are delivered by Chairman Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee and President Wang Yongsheng. The Conference is attended by all other senior administrators of the University, all directors and deputy directors of all divisions and offices, head of key research institutes, and representatives of faculties. The Conference, hosted by Vice President Chen Gang, is another major event following working conferences on international cooperation, talent cultivation, undergraduate teaching, and academic discipline construction. 

Wang Chuanliang points out that development of BISTU, guided by “construction of five environments” and “double first rate” construction, has been on a fast track with joint efforts of all facilities and staff. It is hoped that every are courageous in shouldering their responsibilities and work closely together to push forward BISTU development. All is convinced that future of BISTU is even brighter. With emphasis on substantial implications of the Conference, Wang Chuanliang stresses in his address that firstly every faculty and staff shall be aware of the grand situation with which we are facing and obtain an in-depth understanding of status and implications of science and technology development. Wang Chuanliang analyzes situations from perspective of central government, Beijing Municipal Government, and BISTU. He emphasizes that all faculties and staff shall be politically active and that all shall bear in mind the importance of science and technology innovation. It is very necessary to enhance “four awarenesses”, boost “four confidences” and meet the demand of the nation and Beijing Municipality. Meanwhile we shall integrate all strength resources, enhance our competence in science and technology innovation, serve strategic demand of the nation and of Beijing Municipality, make our unique contributions, achieve outstanding research findings, and win more resources so as to break the bottleneck in successful completion of 2020 strategic goals of the University and in super-normal, big-stride development of BISTU. Secondly, potential and vitality of science and technology innovation shall be continuously stimulated. Facing with the 40th anniversary, new requirements of development of higher education in Beijing, and new situation of science and technology development, Wang Chuanliang requests that the whole University should learn and study Xi Jinping Though on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era, perfect leadership system in science and technology development, and make sure the Party leadership sees through the whole process of science and technology innovation. It is necessary to deepen reform on management of science and technology development and build a sound environment for faculties engaging in science and technology research. The mechanism of quality development shall be perfected. Coordinated development of and interaction among disciplines, majors, teams and research projects shall be better managed so that academic disciplinary construction would be supported by high level research and then it is possible for academic research to step up further on ladders to future. And thirdly, BISTU needs to own salient feature in information technology and enhance overall competence and strength of education. Wang Chuanliang emphasizes that eighty years of education history and recent achievements show that BISTU has its own features in information technology and has closely connected our education feature and strengths with strategic demand of the nation and of Beijing Municipality. Now we shall further enhance our competence and level of education and spare no efforts to building a high level University with unique features. And fourthly, it is important to fully, comprehensively implement “construction of five environments”. Then Wang Chuanliang makes arrangement on key issues in the new semester, including implementation of the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and working Conference on ideological education in higher educational institutions, assurance of implementation of policies published by central government and Beijing Municipal Government, advancing quality, features and differentiated development, firm promotion of Party building, fully promoting construction of the New Campus, and implementation of key missions as assigned in the beginning of the year. Wang Chuanliang requests that all faculties and staff of the University shall be more active and take more effective measures to make new achievements in science and technology innovation as well as in overall work of BISTU so as to contribute to our 2020 goals. 

President Wang Yongsheng delivers a report titled “Active initiative, focusing on quality development and information feature, reforming and innovating, BISTU enhances level of issues on science and technology development”. It discusses BISTU achievements in the past five years, which include: team building has achieved some progress; leading experts and faculties/teams are increasing in number; coordinated innovation competence is increasingly enhanced; we have made breakthroughs in state level research projects owing to enhanced capacity in shouldering high level research projects; the University sees increasing number and improved quality of science and technology projects; policy on academic research reform has been solidly implemented and environment for academic research and development is constantly being improved; feature of military industry is further salient and strengths in national defense research is further consolidated; and level and quality of international cooperation is perfected and talent introduction has made new progresses. While listing the achievements, Wang Yongsheng also points out that there are still problems and weaknesses with science and technology development at BISTU, including lack of more leading faculties in science and technology field, the fact that information technology is yet to become the most preeminent feature, still being weak in shouldering key, substantial research projects, lack of state level research platforms, etc. Then Wang Yongsheng raises thinking and measures for future science and technology development at BISTU based on his analysis of development demand of the nation and Beijing Municipality as well as situation, strategy and policy regarding science and technology innovation: firstly, we shall active integrate education with social economic development of the nation and Beijing Municipality and improve our capacity of serving science and technology development. We shall be active in team building of research projects, developing connections, and serving national and regional development demands. Secondly, research quality is to be further enhanced together with competence of science and technology innovation. Young faculties deserve more attention and hence is team building of research projects. We shall strengthen efforts in construction of research platforms which will lay solid foundation for science and technology development. And we will enhance the role of academic research in talent cultivation. Thirdly, Information Technology shall remain key feature of the University and it is the source of our competitiveness. More importance will be attached to information technology subjects with focus on interdisciplinary exchange and communication with salience of information technology feature. Also commercialization of academic research projects shall be promoted to consolidate the role of information technology in social service. And fourthly, reform on system and mechanism shall be facilitated to motivate vitality of academic research. Research faculties and staff shall not be burdened with unnecessary missions and assignments. Reform on management of research projects and research funds is needed to raise efficiency. And self-dependent competence of innovation will be enhanced via construction of platforms for science and technology innovation. 

Exchange and communication section of the Conference sees a number of speeches. A report titled Experience and Thinking of Academic Research in Schools is delivered by Dean Dong Mingli of School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering. And Dean Zhang Jian of School of Economics and Management makes a report titled Building An Open Innovative Knowledge Management Team with Strengths in Information Technology. Qin Lei, faculty of Key Lab of Sensors, shares the experiences of integrating oneself into research teams and improving oneself via support of research platforms. 

Group discussion is conducted based on careful consideration of science and technology development at the University and valuable suggestions are produced. Faculties and staff agree that the Conference both shows achievements we have made and points out problem and weaknesses we need to face with. It provides detailed analysis of situation and requests upon academic research and raises missions and measures for future science and technology development. Faculties say that all are highly motivated to work closely together to contribute as much as possible for construction of a high level University with distinct feature in information technology.