Construction of New Campus Progresses Smoothly

By Tue, 17 Jul 2018 GMT

Beijing, 16th July 2018 (BISTU)— Changing weather in Beijing of this July does not bring any halt to construction of BISTU New Campus. All faculties and staff engaged in construction of New Campus, in spite of intense heat of summer and heavy rainfall, spare no efforts to promoting construction of New Campus.  

President Wang Yongsheng hosts working conference on construction of BISTU New Campus on the morning of 16th July 2018 and encourages all faculties and staff engaged in construction to ensure successful completion of the New Campus. They are expected to constantly enhance learning of professional knowledge and risk control so safeguard security, quality and progress in construction of the New Campus.  

On the same day, a meeting, attended by Vice President Ma Qinghong and hosted by Assistant to Vice President Lin Guoce, is organized on documentations related to construction of the New Campus. The meeting is also attended by directors of relating divisions. With regard to questions raised by bidder companies, the meeting produces serious analysis and answers on the basis of relating laws and regulations, which lays solid foundation for invitation of public bidding of the first section of the New Campus.  


Builders on site are now working hard with equal focus on quality, security and progress. As of today, students’ halls have been partially completed, teaching buildings are on the stage of inviting tenders, and documentation is ready for all construction work. Headquarter of New Campus Construction coordinates well with relating divisions and departments in respect of preparations, feasibility research, land allocation, general planning, bidding, and audition.