President Wang Yongsheng Inspects Campuses for Safety and Flood Control

By Wed, 18 Jul 2018 GMT

Beijing, 17th July 2018 (BISTU)— In view of torrential rain in Beijing in recent days and for the purpose of flood control and keeping campus safety, President Wang Yongsheng and Vice President Chen Gang inspect Jianxiangqiao Campus, Qinghe Campus and Xiaoying Campus for preparations in this regard and for safeguarding progress of military training.  

President Wang Yongsheng firstly inspects Jianxiangqiao Campus and checks a few places where there are leaking points in buildings. Logistics department expresses that actual measures have been taken. Wang Yongsheng emphasizes that classrooms enjoy priority and we have to ensure that when the next semester commences students can get normal access to classrooms.  

Wang Yongsheng is happy to learn that drainage facilities on Qinghe Campus work fine despite of the heavy rainfall in recent days and that the whole campus is safe and sound. He says it is a good sign and all faculties and staff shall keep going to secure safety of the whole campus.  

On his visit to students, officers and faculties in military training, Wang Yongsheng hosts a talk with students’ tutors and supervisors who are still working during summer holiday. He says that it is important to keep to the principle of moral education with learning and the student-centered ideas in work so as to contribute to education development of the nation.  

On Xiaoying Campus, Director Zhao Lisheng of Logistics Department of BISTU delivers a report on flood control in this summer and issues and work having been done with regard to the sudden heavy rainfall. Accompanied by Zhao Lisheng and other staff of Logistics Department, Wang Yongsheng inspects main roads, pavements, students’ halls, lab building, teaching buildings, university clinic, and field teaching center.  

Wang Yongsheng requests that all divisions and departments shall attach great importance to flood control and raise awareness of risk control in view of the heavy rainfall. Key sectors and buildings deserve more attention. Drainage systems on campuses shall be checked on regular intervals and flood control materials shall be fully prepared. Early-warning mechanism shall be further perfected together with enhancement of long-term campus security mechanism.