Military Training of BISTU Students Commences

By Sun, 08 Jul 2018 GMT

Beijing, 7th July, (BISTU)--- Opening ceremony for military training of students enrolled in 2017 successfully completes on Xiaoying Campus. The ceremony is attended by Vice President Xu Baojie, Vice President Chen Gang, all students participating in the military training, and all officers responsible for the training and is hosted by Guo Yinhui, Director of Students’ Affairs Office.  

Cool breeze and fresh air, together with solemn national anthem, welcomes students participating in the Opening Ceremony. Officers from Beijing Voluntary Emergency Service Center produce wonderful performance on military training. When they march past the rostrum, their voice of mottos resounds the whole playing field. They form unique landscape with their youth, vigor and vitality, which show their graceful bearing as soldiers. 

In his address, Xu Baojie extends thanks and pays tribute to all officers. He hopes that with strict drill and management, discipline and brave spirit of People’s Liberation Army could be conveyed to all students. All students must obey the orders, coordinate with officers, and complete their military mission as is required. Xu Baojie emphasizes that all faculties and staff involved in military training shall work closely with officers and care about students in their psychological and physical health while supervising them in completing the military in high quality. And security and safety of all students always enjoys top priority. Xu Baojie hopes that habits and good qualities of the military training would become invaluable spiritual wealth of all students who will carry them all through their learning and life.   

Chen Gang announces name list for officers responsible for drilling students participating in military training and present military flag to the military training organization. 

“We are brave and never will be a coward. We are strong but not fragile. We will march forward and never will we go backward.” Ji Bowen, a student from School of Media and Public Administration delivers the speech on behalf of all students. Soldiers are very good examples for students to follow. They will work hard and build strong willpower. Says Ji Bowen .  

Fang Zheng, representative of all officers responsible for military drilling, expresses in his speech that all officers will be serious and resolute in implementing all regulations and will work closely together with BISTU faculties and staff to successfully complete the military training. 

Military training and drilling commences shortly after the end of the Opening Ceremony.