Wang Chuanliang and Wang Yongsheng Hold Leading Group Meeting for Construction of the New Campus

By Tue, 26 Jun 2018 GMT 

Beijing, 26th June 2018, BISTU— Leading Group Meeting for Construction of the New Campus, attuned by Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee, President Wang Yongsheng, and Vice President Liu Yong, is held on the morning of 25th June to facilitate progress of the construction. The senior administrators also visit construction sites and inspect construction of students’ halls. 

Following report delivered by relating staff members, Wang Chuanliang fully, positively confirms previous progress on construction of the New Campus and good mental attitude of all faculties and staff getting involved in construction of the new campus. He also raises requirements on the following points:   

Firstly, all must enhance political awareness. Wang Chuanliang points out that construction of New Campus of BISTU is a key project of municipal annual planning and it has been listed in working report of the Mayor in 2018. For BISTU, construction of the New Campus is a key step in achieving the historical turn of our development and it serves as the cornerstone of future development. All faculties and staff shall be fully aware of political, historical and realistic implications of construction of the New Campus.  

Secondly, all shall shoulder their responsibilities in construction of the New Campus. Wang Chuanliang points out that development of BISTU is related to each faculty and staff of the University. Awareness of the big picture in working shall be enhanced. And we shall be courageous in overcoming difficulties and be steadfast in accomplishing our missions. For each individual of the University, it is a must to shoulder corresponding responsibilities and work closely, harmoniously with colleagues.  

Thirdly professional knowledge deserves enough attention and importance. Wang Chuanliang emphasizes that construction of the New Campus involves professional knowledge in respect of land planning, pipelines, architecture and engineering. Relating staff members shall be familiar with their job responsibilities and respect science and natural laws. It is necessary that all faculties and staff members shall constantly enhance learning professional knowledge, improving professional qualities, and strengthening practical experiences.   

Fourthly publicity shall be able to build a better image. Wang Chuanliang requests all staff members working for construction of the New Campus shall keep an open mind and headquarter of construction of the New Campus shall keep the University informed of substantial progress and achievements. Publicity departments of CPC BISTU Committee will also center on construction of the New Campus to encourage all faculties and staff of BISTU, reach consensus, and serve the big picture of BISTU development.  

Fifthly it is important to achieve balance between remuneration and contribution. Wang Chuanliang emphasizes that remuneration in the process of construction of the New Campus shall be legally, reasonably considered. All staff members shall strictly follow all regulations and laws as well as the spirit of making contribution to the University. The University will bear in mind all contributions made by each individual.  

Silly, party building is not to be ignored. Wang Chuanliang says that grassroots party organizations deserve enough attention and party members shall work as role models for others so as to guarantee successful completion of the construction of the New Campus. Each party member is expected to be loyal, brave, and diligent to accomplish their missions. Regulations, codes and norms are to be further strengthened and applied to every aspect of construction of the New Campus. All faculties and staff shall firmly hold onto their bottom line so as to build a better campus with integrity.  

And seventhly security and safety remains eternal topic of discussion. Wang Chuanliang emphasizes that security and safety is the most important of all important issues. Life is superior to everything else. It deserves attention of us all in every minute. In addition to system and mechanism of security and safety, all shall be very cautious in issues related to security and safety. And finally we could successfully complete the glorious mission of New Campus construction.  

Wang Yongsheng sings high praises of progress on early stage of construction of the New Campus. He requests that all faculties and staff of BISTU shall strictly follow requirements of CPC BISTU Committee with an open mind, active thinking, and resolution of implementation. As is requested by Beijing Municipal Government and objectives of BISTU development in 2020, it is necessary to invest enough energy and strength to ensure all is carried out as planned. With regard to party building and discipline inspection, he says that laws and regulations come in front of everything else and shall be reflected in every aspect of everyday life and work. There is always a bottom line for building the campus with clean hands. Meanwhile, security and safety awareness shall be enhanced. It requests equal attention as construction of the New Campus does. The University will make all necessary preparations and produce due support whenever necessary to serve construction of the New Campus, promote “construction of five environments”, achieve super-normal, big-stride forward development of the University, serve construction of Beijing as Four Centers and serve coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.  

Vice President Ma Qinghong delivers a report on general progress of construction of the New Campus in early half of 2018. Three plans for bidding in construction of the New Campus is presented by Lin Guoce, Assistant to Vice President and Director of Bidding Office for New Campus. The detailed report on feasibility adjustment, budget, project engineering, and consultation is delivered by Ying Shuzhi, Director of BISTU Infrastructure and Director of Office for Construction of the New Campus.  

As of now general plan of BISTU New Campus has been approved by Municipal Government and students’ halls are under construction. Substantial progress has been achieved in preparations for construction and management of engineering and contractors.