Director General Zhang Xue Visits BISTU

By Sat, 23 Jun 2018 GMT 

Beijing, 20th June 2018 (BISTU)---Delegation headed by Zhang Xue, Director General of Working Committee for the Well-being of the Youth of Beijing Educational System, visits BISTU on 20th June for inspecting and guiding BISTU Committee for the Well-being of the Youth (CWY). She is accompanied by Deputy Director Deng Xingjun of the Retired Affairs Department of Beijing Municipal Education Commission. The delegation meets and talks with Wang Chuanliang, Secretary General of CPC BISTU Committee, President Wang Yongsheng, and Deputy Secretary General Liu Xiaoyi. 

Following understanding of latest progress at BISTU on work related to the wellbeing of the youth, Zhang Xue positively confirms achievements that BISTU has made. CPC BISTU Committee attaches great importance to CWY work and has built sound systems and perfect mechanism. It is deeply rooted in teaching, research and talent cultivation. She raises three points of attention for CWY work at BISTU: Firstly it is necessary to bring the second tier CWY committees into full play and set up role models for organizations and individuals. Secondly, existing brand activities shall be enhanced, based on which innovation as well as achievements are to be made. And thirdly, fruitful practice of BISTU in CWY work could be included and integrated in working mechanism of CWY of Municipal Educational System. 

On behalf of BISTU, Wang Chuanliang extends thanks to the delegation and expresses that retired staff working at CWY have strong political awareness. The current system is perfect and relating institutions work together harmoniously. CWY has become a rising force in talent cultivation of BISTU and actively contribute to education. Wang Chuanliang points out that success and achievements of CWY at BISTU owes much to support and help from senior institutions and colleagues as well as strong sense of responsibility of the retired staff working in CWY. It is hoped that continuing support and guidance from superior institutions is still there. CPC BISTU Committee will actively strive for more innovative achievements of CWY.  

Themed on “Keeping Pace with the New Era and Building New Normal for Talent Cultivation”, Liu Xiaoyi delivers a report of CWY at BISTU in four aspects, i.e., latest progress of CWY, feature and brand activities, understanding of the work of CWY, and future planning for CWY work.  

Participants of the meeting conduct discussion on construction and prospects of CWY. Reports on second tier CWY work are respectively delivered by directors and deputy directors of corresponding CWYs, including Deputy Director General of BISTU CWY Sun Fuyou, Executive Secretary Zhao Gang, Director Cao Jinhong of CWY of Automation School, Deputy Director Cheng Lijun of CWY of Information and Communication Engineering, and Deputy Director Yang Jing of CWY Computer Science School.