BISTU Ranks Third in Auditions for “Active Exercise of International Students in China”

By Mon, 11 Jun 2018 GMT

Beijing, 11th June 2018 (BISTU)—“Active Exercise of International Students in China”, organized by Beijing Municipal Education Commission at Beijing Language and Culture University from 1st June to 2nd June, 2018, sees the honor of bronze medal granted to BISTU team who will attend Northeast China section competition on behalf of Beijing international students. 

The Auditions include three items, i.e., display of studio arts, foot orienteering, and three on three basketball game. BISTU international students win deafening applause with their medley of sport martial arts­‑‑‑ Tai-chi performance followed by free style basketball show and trigram sabre show. 

The 5km orienteering is held on 2nd June in Yuanmingyuan Park. BISTU international students win the fifth place after the fierce competition in 9 items, i.e., kicking the shuttlecocks, knowing words from Pinyin, moving tennis, Chinese string up puzzle, understanding traditional Chinese culture, feather darts, connecting dots of city scenes, threading a needle, and moving around basketballs. 

Three on three basketball game, held on playing field of Beijing Language and Culture University, sees BISTU international students and their coach Chen Yongcun entering the top 8 group of the game. 

This event has accommodated 17 universities in Beijing, including Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing Sport University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing Information Science and Technology University, etc.