Director General Tang Lijun of Beijing Municipal Education Supervision Office Visits BISTU

By Fri, 08 Jun 2018 GMT 

Beijing, 6th June 2018 (BISTU)— Tang Lijun, Vice President of Working Committee of Education of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Director General of Beijing Municipal Education Supervision Office visits BISTU to guide undergraduate teaching evaluation and appraisal work of BISTU. Director General Tang Lijun is accompanied by Director Long Mei of School Supervision Office of Beijing Municipal Education Supervision Office, Director Zhang Xiaoling of Appraisal and Evaluation Department of the Office, and Yan Jianmin of Appraisal and Evaluation Department. Reports of relating progress at BISTU are delivered by Chairman Wang Chuanliang of University Council, President Wang Yongsheng, Vice President Liu Yong, Vice President Xu Baojie and directors of relating divisions. 

Following the reports on latest progress of BISTU in undergraduate teaching appraisal, Tang Lijun offers invaluable suggestions on three aspects: firstly, BISTU shall attach high importance to the coming undergraduate level teaching appraisal. It is the window for educational status of a university. BISTU shall mobilize all faculties and staff and students to welcome the appraisal with fine fettle and right mentality. Secondly, BISTU shall follow the scheme for all universities under supervision of Beijing Municipality in receiving undergraduate level teaching appraisal and generalize successful experiences of undergraduate teaching to show the achievements when the appraisal is conducted. Tang Lijun hopes that BISTU shall consider higher education in Beijing as a whole, combining overall requirement of Ministry of Education in undergraduate teaching appraisal, to highlight the University as one supervised by the Municipality. There are six highlights to be noted here, i.e., A, measurements and effectiveness of moral values in education; B, the core role of education and the support with undergraduate teaching; C, the fundamental role of faculty team building; D, the student-centered education idea and principle; E, salience of education’s role in serving regional social development, construction of Beijing as “four centers”, and coordinated development of Beijing-Hebei-Tianjin; and F, quality management system. And thirdly, BISTU shall provide due support with experts of the Appraisal for successful completion of undergraduate level teaching appraisal.   

On behalf of BISTU, Wang Chuanliang extends welcome and gratitude to Tang Lijun and his delegation for conducting survey and offering guidance at the University. BISTU will firmly implement the spirit and strictly follow guidance of supervising bodies. Says Wang Chuanliang, adding that the University puts a new premium on the coming appraisal for undergraduate level teaching. All divisions, departments, labs, schools, and offices have made full preparations. BISTU is ready to welcome undergraduate teaching appraisal in best fettle. Also the University will take this previous opportunity to focus on moral values in education, strengthen the core role of education, and enhance overall quality of education. Wang Chuanliang also introduces planning and breakthroughs of BSITU in respect of top design, teaching and research, disciplines, and team building. Particularly he covers in the report B three-step strategic goals of BISTU, completion of the New Campus (phase I) by 2020, approval of doctoral programs, and new progress in teaching and research. 

Wang Yongsheng delivers a report on overall situation and progress of preparations for undergraduate level teaching appraisal of BISTU. In the report, Wang Yongsheng introduces that BISTU has run a series of working conferences, including BISTU working conference for promoting preparations for undergraduate teaching appraisal, report meeting for evaluation and appraisal of undergraduate teaching, mobilization meeting for 2018 undergraduate teaching, etc. He also introduces the general situation at BISTU on support with successful completion of undergraduate level teaching appraisal. BISTU will actively greet undergraduate level teaching appraisal. It is an opportunity for the University to show strengths, locate problems and defects, and enhance overall quality of education.  

Xu Baojie delivers a detailed report on undergraduate level teaching appraisal in respect of initial stage preparations, organizational structure, working scheme, self-appraisal report, etc.  

Other relating issues are also reported on the meeting.