BISTU Holds Working Conference on Undergraduate Teaching

By Fri, 01 Jun 2018 GMT

Beijing, 31st May 2018 (BISTU)—  BISTU successful holds Working Conference on Undergraduate Teaching & Mobilization Meeting for Observation if Expert Committee of Undergraduate Level Teaching Appraisal on 30th May. The conference is themed on “taking the opportunity of undergraduate teaching, fulfilling fundamental missions in education, centering on nurturing talents, and enhancing overall teaching quality”. It is attended by Chairman Wang Chuanliang, President Wang Yongsheng, all Vice Presidents, all directors and deputies of divisions, all deans and Vice deans of schools, department chairs, lab directors, and representatives of faculties and is hosted by Vice President Liu Yong. 

Centered on the spirit of President Xi Jinping’s speech on seminar with students and faculties of Peking University on 2nd May, Wang Chuanliang emphasizes that in the first place all faculties and students shall deeply understand the mission of the times that we are to cultivate overall qualified socialist successors and builders. It is the fundamental standard for evaluation and assessment of all fields of the University. It shall be internalized and embedded with all sections of BISTU.  Secondly, it is necessary to rethink the core meaning of education. Wang Chuanliang points out that it is fine traditional Chinese culture that the whole society attaches great importance to education and teachers. We all shall beat in mind that education is the basis of a nation and foundation of a strong power. Socialist universities with Chinese characteristics shall cultivate successors and builders of socialism, i.e., talents required by social development, knowledge accumulation, culture inheritance, national development, etc. And thirdly it is necessary to construct high level cultivation system. We shall firmly adhere to the Party’s leadership in universities. We shall be capable of converting our features and strengths into the capabilities of nurturing successors and builders of socialism as well as building faculty teams with professional skills, strong political awareness, and dedicated spirit. We shall also firmly conform to the natural  laws of education and of students’ growth. 

Based on BISTU 2020 and 2030 objectives, Wang Chuanliang requests that: firstly all shall actively participate in undergrad level teaching appraisal with integrated leadership. It is the final stage of the Appraisal, all students and faculties of BISTU shall set up high standards to make every detail qualified and to make sure every aspect of our education is capable to meet the high standard of undergraduate teaching appraisal. Wang Chuanliang stresses that personnel work at BISTU shall be properly guided and the University encourages employing loyal, responsible, courageous, and innovate faculties and staff. It is necessary to make sure the BISTU produce outstanding performance in undergraduate level teaching appraisal and effectively implement construction of five environments.  


Secondly, it is necessary to promote reform and innovation based on problems identified. Wang Chuanliang emphasizes that undergraduate teaching appraisal focuses on improvement of teaching quality instead of the result of appraisal. We shall be capable of showing our strengths, building our own brands, and making the appraisal the foundation for future development of BISTU. We shall make long-term goals, perfect our current mechanism and system, and promote reform and innovation at the University.  

And thirdly, it is time that BISTU embark on a whole new journey. Wang Chuanliang requests that the whole University must focus on students, caring for them, serving them, and helping them improve in ideological quality, political awareness, moral characteristics and humanistic quality to enable them to develop both ability and integrity, as is said by President Xi Jinping. President Xi’s speech at Peking University on 2nd May shall be understood and implemented. Students should be educated to be aware of the development trends of China and the world at large, Wang says, adding that they should develop firm beliefs and confidence in lofty communist ideals and socialism with Chinese characteristics. Students should also be encouraged to integrate their own ideals and pursuits into the cause of the nation. Wang Chuanliang says, urging schools to educate the students to be bold trailblazers and translate their ideals into concrete actions. Also focus shall be put on approval of doctoral degree programs, integration of disciples, salience of strength in science and technology, and further development of teaching and academic research. 

The keynote speech is delivered by President Wang Yongsheng, who conducts mobilization in his address. He says that in the first place, it is very important now to understand the new situation with which education faces as well as the fundamental responsibility of cultivating successors for the socialist cause. Development of higher education, together with the latest spirit of Central Government and Beijing Municipal Government on higher education, makes all of us be aware of one central task: education should serve socialist modernization and the people and integrate itself with productive labor and social practice so as to train socialist builders and successors featuring an all-round development in morality, intelligence, physique and art. Two standards shall be established: morality and education of students shall be the basis standard for all aspects of the University and morality of faculties shall be the first standard for their working performance. Three foundations shall be laid: correct political orientation, high quality faculties, and high level talent cultivation system. And four focuses shall be established: focuses on common sense, obligation, beginners’ mind, and ambition.  

Secondly, we shall clarify our goals and local correct orientation so as to enhance the core role of education. BISTU’s feature and strength in information shall be enhanced. Mechanisms shall be perfected to build a quality faculty team. Resources shall be invested more in teaching. Ideas shall be innovative and the process of talent cultivation shall be optimized. We shall uphold the student-centered, target-oriented principle and focus on long-term growth of students.  

And thirdly, we shall proceed with confidence and overall planning to improve comprehensive quality of education. Foundation of ideological work in higher education shall be consolidated. Guiding role of expansion of discipline construction in cultivation of undergraduate students shall be enhanced. Academic research shall be able to support teaching. Team building is still to be strengthened. University cultural construction cannot be ignored. And educational globalization shall be further promoted so as to broaden students’ international horizon.

In the end Wang Yongsheng emphasizes that undergraduate level teaching appraisal is a major event of BISTU in 2018 as well as a precious opportunity for the University to test and assess talent cultivation work in recent years. The undergraduate teaching appraisal will help us in strengthening top level design, converging consensus of faculties and students, and enhancing teaching quality. It is hoped that all students and faculties shall make systematical, comprehensive, serious preparations to fight for final success in the Appraisal.