Reunion of Alumni on Their 50th Anniversary of Graduation

By Sat, 19 May 2018 GMT

Beijing, 18th May 2018 (BISTU)— The alumni reunion event themed on “Serendipity brings together us with diligence and honor for life” for alumni enrolled at BISTU in 1964 successfully completes at Xiaoying Campus. It is the 50th anniversary of the students’ graduation. Over 250 alumni graduated in 1968, together with 30-odd alumni, gather at BISTU campus to recall their good old days. A series of activities have been arranged by the University, including get-together party, opening ceremony for alumni forest, alumni rock donation, degree celebration ceremony for students who have graduated 50 years, campus tour, tour around old campuses, etc. 

Nine o’clock in the morning marks beginning of the party “back to the legendary days” held for students enrolled in 1964. A number of programs in various forms, i.e., singing, dancing, Tai-chi, harmonica, Peking Opera, etc., constituted the brilliant performance and an audio-visual feast by “Meet in Golden Days”, an art group composed of alumni enrolled in BISTU in 1964 and 1966. At the end of the party, alumni whose average is over 73 sing together the song My Motherland. The calligraphy work “However tall a tree is, the root is here at BISTU” shows their true love with the University. 

Following the party is opening ceremony of alumni forest--- “April showers bring May flowers”, addressed by Assistant to Vice President and Vice Chairman of BISTU Alumni Association. Liang Fuping, representative of the alumni and retired faculty of BISTU, shares his story of learning and working at BISTU.  

And then alumni visit BISTU Rock, a rock inscribed “BISTU” and take group photo there. The rock is donated by all alumni enrolled in 1964 to show their love and best wishes towards the University.    

“Fulfilling dreams on degree awarding ceremony”, the event of celebrating alumni being awarded degrees for fifty years, is held at 2pm on the day. The event is attended by Zheng Junli, Chairman of BISTU Alumni Association and Feng Xiaochun, Vice Chairman of BISTU Alumni Association. The University welcomes alumni back home and introduces progress of BISTU in recent years. Also the University extends sincere thanks to all alumni for their love and support over the years. These are not only invaluable assets but also new momentum of BISTU development.

On the ceremony, all alumni wear academicals to recall the happiness and excitement of their graduation. Alumnus Lu Yonglin uses three poems to express his deepest feeling towards the alma mater. Alumni Chen Gangzheng and Wang Bin receive the scroll “50th Anniversary of graduation” from alumni Lu Yonglin and Ma Haitian, which marks the beginning of series celebrations of the 50th anniversary of graduation. On behalf of alumni graduated in 1969, Chen Gangzheng extends sincere thanks to BISTU and shares his experiences of learning as a young man. Also Li Pengcheng presents his calligraphy as a gift to alma mater. And 25 couples who fell in love while studying with BISTU receive memorial double mugs presented by Zheng Junli and Feng Xiaochun.  

A tour around old campuses has been arranged and alumni will be accompanied by BISTU volunteers to the campus of Beijing Institute of Machinery.