Cultural Construction on New Campus of BISTU

By Fri, 11 May 2018 GMT

Beijing, 11th May 2018 (BISTU)— BISTU Cultural construction on new campus initiates its first phase on ceremony held on Xiaoying campus. The ceremony is attended by Chairman Wang Chuanliang of University Council and all other senior administrators and hosted by Vice President Ma Qinghong.  

Wang Chuanliang emphasizes that culture is soul of a university and plays a long-lasting, imperceptible role in education and development of a university. Cultural construction at BISTU shall fully display the feature of socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era and shall be able to encourage students and faculties to “give enough room to individuals, share advantage, be happy for others’ achievement, and help each other”, i.e., the principle of cultural construction at BISTU.

On the ceremony Wang Chuanliang reaffirms that culture is soul of a university and plays a long-lasting, imperceptible role in education and development of a university. Cultural construction on new campus is extension of BISTU campus culture and it is represented in every detail of the university. It offers guidance for construction and development of all aspects including education, academic research, team building, etc. And finally a BISTU cultural brand will be formed together with a good image of the University. Cultural construction shall actively learn from wisdom of fine traditional Chinese culture and shows the ideas of “giving enough room to individuals, sharing advantage, being happy for others’ achievement, and helping each other”. All boils down to the objective of serving education at BISTU and serving construction of Beijing as a culture center. Wang Chuanliang says that BISTU welcomes advice and suggestions from all circles of life. 

The University officially launches design plan of major buildings in new campus and initiates campaign for collection of names for major buildings and roads of the new campus. Mainly public buildings are involved like library, students science and technology innovation center, stadium, office building, research building, university canteen, halls of residence, and other housing facilities. The design plan is selected from a number of candidates, based on feasibility reports and a large number of existing plans. It is in accordance with the general requirement of BISTU construction of spatial environment, i.e., an elegant and dignified, smart and pleasant, and artistic and cultural campus with “international horizon, Chinese characteristics, BISTU traditions, and features of respective schools”.

The New Campus, located in Changping district of Beijing, is a key project of Beijing Municipality and is listed in government working report of the 15th Beijing municipal people’s congress. The Municipal government attaches great importance to construction of BISTU new campus and for many times conducts observation and survey with support of relating municipal commissions and Changping local government. BISTU University Council also establishes a series of leading group to facilitate the work on construction of the new campus and to ensure the new campus will be a clean, quality, and efficient project.  

With leadership of Beijing Municipality and support from relating municipal commissions and Changping local government, BISTU has conducted serious researches and made full preparations in all respects. Currently re-settlement work has basically been done, construction report of the new campus has been approved, and timer is counting down for overall construction. By 2020 the first phase will be completed. And BISTU will be the largest university, after completion of the new campus, among all peer universities newly constructed.