President Café Welcomes Winners of President Scholarship

By Thu, 10 May 2018 GMT

Beijing, 10th May 2018 (BISTU)— BISTU President Café welcomes 10 winners of 2017 President Scholarship on Xiaoying campus on 9th May. President Wang Yongsheng holds talks with the scholarship winners in respect of innovation and entrepreneurship. Aroma of freshly made coffee starts the conversation between President and all scholarship winners on the seminar attended by Vice President Wang Xiuyan and hosted by Director Guo Yinhui of Students’ Affairs Office.

The 10 winners, including 8 undergraduate students and two postgraduate students, are from various programs of different schools. Most of them are leaving BISTU this summer and embarking on their new life journey. After extending warmest congratulations to the winners, Wang Yongsheng raises three questions for discussion: what features of BISTU have impressed you most? Have you realized your dreams with support of the University? What have you learned from President Xi Jinping’s talk on his observation tour to Peking University?  

Zhang Zihao from School of Information & Communication Engineering shares a story of his “radio complex” and expresses his gratitude towards BISTU. As a high school student, he has shown great interest in radio technology. He obtains radio professional certificate while studying with BISTU and spends most of his time in labs and entrepreneurship activities. The four wonderful years are remembered together with generous support of faculties and staff of BISTU. Says Zhang Zihao. Postgraduate student Li Da from School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering says that BISTU has offered tremendous support which enables him to have published 5 journal articles of SCI and EI indexes and have applied for 9 state patents. Qi Shijia of School of Electromechanical Engineering says that BISTU has rich academic atmosphere and he learns a lot from faculties and students around him. Owing to the support and help from the University, he is now recommended to Beijing Jiaotong University’s postgraduate programs. Wang Yongsheng speaks highly of their academic attitude and comprehensive qualities and expects them to hold onto the principle of “diligence in learning and honor for life”. He points out that BISTU will continue to provide help and support with all students.  

Yang Yang from School of Computer Science shares her story of adapting herself to learning at the University in the past years. With help and support of faculties, she has won a number of awards in submarine robot and tops all peer students of her department in academic achievements. Now she has been recommended to a master program at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Postgraduate student Huang Meixia from School of Economics and Management, having spent the past seven years at BISTU, witnesses rapid development of the University. Wang Yongsheng comments that President Xi Jinping reaffirms on his talk in Peking University that students shall be ambitious and firm in beliefs. They shall be progressive and brave in fighting for their future. It is hoped that students could bear this in mind and apply it in practice.  

Zhang Min from School of Media and Public Administration extends thanks to all faculties. Encouraged by her tutor, she reads a lot and thinks a lot and finally is accepted into a mater program at Beihang University. “It is really luck to meet with faculties who accompany me in the course of my growth.” Says Zhang Min. Wang Yongsheng asks whether information feature of BISTU has played a role. Zhang Min produces positive answers and gives examples of electronic administration and SPSS quantitative analysis. Majoring in accounting, she finds that accounting program of BISTU carries with abundant information features. Wang Yongsheng says that information feature is one of our distinctions represented by different programs in different schools. The University will spare no effort to building a high level university with distinctive feature in information technology.

Wang Yongsheng hopes that students shall work for the nation, be ambitious, and be courageous in fighting for the future. There are no limits for science development. Students shall be bold in scaling heights for the hope of the nation. By 2020, objectives of BISTU development will be gradually achieved, i.e., phase 1 project of the New Campus will be completed, doctoral degree programs established, and teaching and research will be reaching a new level. It is hoped that all students then could come back to BISTU to share the joy of achievements. Says Wang Yongsheng.  

After the seminar, Wang Yongsheng offers a gift to all students--- a book titled Reform in Life, Work and Thinking in Big Data Era and tells them to read more and think more. Wang Xiuyan presents notebooks as gifts for everyone and encourages them to live and learn.  

Students’ Affairs Office and Postgraduate Office work together to build a President Café, which aims at establishing a platform for communication between the President and students and producing a platform for students to exchange ideas, providing feedbacks, participating in university management, broadening their horizon and promoting construction of five environments.