BISTU Welcomes Grand Opening Ceremony of Sports Meeting 2018

By Wed, 25 Apr 2018 GMT 

Beijing, 26th April 2018 (BISTU)— BISTU welcomes grand opening ceremony of Sports Meeting 2018 on Xiaoying Campus 25th April 2018. The ceremony is attended by Chairman Wang Chuanliang, President Wang Yongsheng and all other university senior administrators as well as deans and director of all schools and divisions. Wang Chuanliang declares that the Sports Meeting officially opens. The Ceremony is hosted by Vice President Wang Xiuyan. 

The opening ceremony welcomes 18 phalanxes composed of BISTU students and faculties whose robust physiques show up on the playing fields with warm sunshine and impassioned music. The energetic square phalanxes display BISTU’s positive proairesis and graceful bearing. 

National flag raising ceremony is hosted by Wang Yongsheng, who points out in his address that the Party and the National has always attached great importance to physical education. “Develop sports and physical culture and strengthen people's physique" is viewed as basic state policy and the dream of becoming a world sports power is closely connected to the dream of great rejuvenation of Chinese Nation. Following the success of Summer Olympics in 2008, China succeeds in the bid for Winter Olympics 2022 and thus Beijing is the only city so far which hosts both Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics. He emphasizes that the core task of universities is cultivation of talents. Physical education plays an indispensible role in nurturing talents who develop morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically. Sports Meeting has become an important platform for all BISTU people to stay closely together. Physical education represents youth and energy and also carries with the dream of prosperous nation. It is hoped that all players bring into full play the spirit of “higher, faster and stronger”, that all referees strictly follow the rules of openness, fairness, and justice, and that all staff members actively coordinate to serve the Sports Meeting.

Following Wang Yongsheng’s address, Zhao Xinrui, captain of BISTU Track and Field Team, takes the oath on behalf of all players that they will actively uphold Olympic spirit and compete on with the principle of fairness and friendship. Wang Tao from Physical Education Department takes an oath on behalf of all referees that they will strictly follow the rules to make sure the games are fair and open.

The No. 9 Setting-up Exercises to radio music, performed by 15 teams composed of 800 BISTU faculties and students, ignites the whole playing field with their brilliant performance.