Wang Chuanliang Delivers Speech on Organized Learning of the Spirit of the Party’s 19th National Congress at BISTU

By Sat, 14 Apr 2018 GMT

Beijing, 13th April, 2018 (BISTU)— Wang Chuanliang, Chairman of University Council of BISTU, attends the seminar on organized learning of the Spirit of the Party’s 19th National Congress and delivers closing remarks for the seminar.

With his positive confirmation on arrangement and effective of this training seminar, Wang Chuanliang says that discussion on the seminar deepens our understanding of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC, an all-out effort to enforce strict Party discipline, and awareness of the problems and question in the future development. He emphasizes that learning and implementation of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC is a long-last task. The discussion shows deep love of all directors and deans of the University and eagerness of witnessing BISTU’s development. He points out that as a BISTU team, we are working together on the same boat with hardship to overcome and heavy burdens to shoulder. And we produce more and more productive suggestions and contribute comprehensively to the University.  

Wang Chuanliang analyzes in detail the situations that BISTU faces with in respect of new campus construction, approval of Ph.D. programs, and management team building, inclusive of the tangible and intangible difficulties and problems. Based on new objectives and requirements in a new Era, Wang Chuanliang requests that:  

Firstly, all directors and deans must be politically sensitive and correct. He emphasizes that all shall exactly follow the steps of Central Committee of CPC and self-consciously safeguard the authority of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and its centralized and unified leadership with President Xi Jinping as the Cord, which is the supreme political principle and the fundamental political rule for the whole Party. The development of BISTU shall be reviewed in a big picture of serving the development of Beijing and the Nation so that we could contribute to national key strategic demand and Beijing’s municipal construction of Four Centers.  

Secondly, all shall know more about history, current, and future. Wang Chuanliang points out that all shall be aware of BISTU’s past glorious history and achievements, current difficulties and bottleneck, and future objectives. The understanding of history, current, and future will enable us to better understand our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and our future development. It is time that all BISTU members face with the problems and gather our strengths to produce solutions.  

Thirdly, awareness of overall situation shall be enhanced. Wang Chuanliang stresses that our horizon could only be broadened by bearing the overall situation in mind. It is the way to contribute to one’s own research fields as well as the overall development of BISTU. Solutions to current problems, like construction of new campus, application for approval of Ph.D. program, information construction of the University, introduction of high level intellectuals and talents, etc., are dependent upon thinking based on awareness of overall situation.  

And fourthly, individual competence shall be further enhanced. Wang Chuanliang says that leaders must be on the front line and set examples for others when we are embarking on a journey to our goals. Positive energy shall be exchanged, which is the Number one issue. We shall be able to adjust ourselves when facing with gains and temptation by following political rules, disciplinary requirements and proper procedure. We shall be modest, courageous, and well-behaved in contributing to development of the nation. The Number Two issue is that we shall be good at improve ourselves by learning. We shall be good at learning, particularly continuous learning so as to know more new knowledge and improve ourselves in more aspects. And the Number three issue is to be courageous in shouldering our responsibilities. We contribute to a thing but we do not need to make ourselves indispensible. Step by step, one thing after another, and in this way we will sooner or later realize our goals.