Wang Chuanliang Hosts New Semester Ideological Working Conference

By Thu, 29 Mar 2018 GMT

Beijing, 28th March, 2018 (BISTU)— Xiaoying Campus welcomes delegates attending the first working conference on ideological education in the new semester, hosted by Wang Chuanliang, Chairman of University Council, and attended by Vice President Liu Xiaoyi and corresponding directors of divisions.  

With positive confirmation on achievements made in 2017 on ideological education, Wang Chuanliang points out that with joint efforts of all BISTU faculties and staff and students, BISTU suffers zero effect from key, substantial ideological events and witnesses sharp drop in negative news events. He stresses that ideological work relates to all aspect of the University and brings along grave responsibility. We shall broaden our horizon, guided by policies and decisions of Central Committee of CPC and Beijing Municipality, to implement the spirit of CPC Central Committee on ideological education.  

In the first place, we shall be aware that firm control of leadership of ideological work has great implications. It shall be noted that there would be long-lasting, complicated problems and issues in ideological area and ideology does cast great influence upon individuals and the whole society. we shall be highly altered with new challenges in ideology and consolidate and develop our mainstream ideology. We shall firmly believe in four matters of confidence (confidence in path, guiding theories, political system, and above all in China’s culture) so as to contribute to higher education development of Beijing and of the nation.  

Then we shall not be slack in theoretical learning. Wang Chuanliang points out that theoretical learning is the prime task in theoretical building of the Party as well as the key to hold leadership in ideological work. Entering a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, we shall be innovative to deeply understand Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and use it to guide us in practice. Positive energy shall be conveyed on campus with the main-stream tunes.  

Thirdly, responsibilities on ideological work shall be clarified. Wang Chuanliang says that chairmen of party organizations of all levels shall be active in enhancement of ideological work and shall be the No. 1 who is to be responsible. They shall improve themselves in political and professional competence and shall be brave to speak on crucial moments and to shoulder responsibilities.  

And fourthly online ideological work shall be done well. Construction of intranet, particularly the second-tier websites, shall be enhanced so that positive publicity would motivate positive energy on cyber space. We shall be able to know more about individuals on their needs via internet and respond to them in a timely manner.  

Liu Xiaoyi stresses that new requirements of CPC Central Committee and Beijing Municipality on ideological work shall be fully implemented while considering standards and feedbacks of Beijing Municipality on party building and ideological work so as to better fulfill the task of BISTU ideological work in 2018. He says that in five aspects we shall focus on ideological work at BISTU, including learning and publicizing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, actively practicing core socialism values to enhance emotional environment construction, firmly holding leadership in ideological work and promoting ideological work in all level party organizations of all corners, strengthening management of ideological publicity, and building active, positive opinion environment on cyber space.  

Chairmen of second-tier party organizations of BISTU deliver reports on progress of ideological work. Wang Lei, Director of Department of Publicity, analyzes and explains new situation and new requirement of ideological work. Director Hu Tao of Office for Security explains safety issues for the coming holidays.