Wang Chuanliang Hosts the First Regular Meeting in New Semester of Party Chairmen of BISTU Schools

By Thu, 29 Mar 2018 GMT

Beijing, 28th March, 2018 (BISTU)— The first regular meeting in the new semester for Party chairmen of all BISTU Schools, hosted by Wang Chuanliang, Chairman of University Council, successfully completes on Xiaoying Campus. The meeting is also attended by Vice Presidents Liu Xiaoyi and Wang Xiuyan, Lu Lei, Standing Member of BISTU Party Committee and Organization Director of BISTU, and relating party secretaries of schools and divisions.

Centered on party building issues in 2018, Wang Chuanliang says that the following three points deserves attention: 

Firstly, all shall enhance political awareness and accurately understand the new situation and new requirement of party building. The grand situation “seeing Party self-governance exercised fully and with rigor” is the guideline for us all to deeply understand the new requirements in the new era. Based on our status quo and with analysis on achievements and suggestions on our weaknesses, we shall make careful planning in all aspects with full, delicate consideration of policies. The role of grass-root party organizations shall be brought into full play. 

Secondly, we shall clearly notice that there are still problems for us to solve. Based on municipal standards for party building and ideological work, we shall produce due solutions to existing problems in party building and ideological education. Party organizations of all levels shall clarify their responsibilities and actively coordinate with BISTU Party Committee and relating divisions to fulfill required tasks.  

And thirdly, key jobs in 2018 deserve full attention. Wang Chuanliang emphasizes that political construction of the Party enjoys priority over other issues, ideological construction is a long-lasting task, and that organizational structure shall be enhanced. We shall firmly maintain CPC’s authority and leadership with President Xi Jinping as the core leader. Political requirement, standards, and education shall be the first in grass-root party building. In-party political life shall be strictly regulated. And leaders of all levels shall be armed with Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. “Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.”  

Wang Chuanliang hopes that party secretaries of all levels, on such a crucial moment of BISTU development, shall be able to contribute to the grand picture of BISTU and national development with their courage while shouldering their responsibilities courageously.  

Liu Xiaoyi illustrates feedbacks of Educational Branch of Beijing Municipality Committee of CPC on party building and ideological work in higher educational institutions. Wang Xiuyan produces requirements on the campaign of Beijing Municipality of enhancing teaching ethics and academic atmosphere. Lu Lei explains BISTU planning on 2018 party building.