BISTU Successfully Concludes the 3rd Competition of University Counselors

By Tue, 27 Mar 2018 GMT

Beijing, 26th March, 2018 (BISTU)— The final of BISTU’s 3rd Competition of University Counselors, attended by Vice President Wang Xiuyan, successfully concludes at Xiaoying Campus. The Competition includes directors of relating departments and divisions as judges who are composed of deputy party secretaries of different schools, counselor representatives, and student representatives. The competition also invites Ni Jiaqi, one of top 10 best university counselors and currently a counselor of Beijing Normal University, to act as a judge and honored guest.

The Competition of University Counselors is divided into two parts: the preliminary round and the final. In the preliminary part is the test of knowledge, university systems and regulations, and current affair of the society. In the final is the practical work of university counselors such as class meetings, students identification, case study, improvised speech, and private talks with students.

After the preliminary round, 6 counselors enter the final. With their brilliant working scheme and recorded videos of their class meetings, they produce excellent performance on the final. In the section of on-site students’ identification, they could quickly give the name, class, awards, family background, individuality, and strengths and weaknesses of the student who is picked randomly from over 400 students. They also preform very well in cast analysis and improvised speech. In the section of private talks with students, the counselors could calmly face with various problems raised by students and produce effective and efficient solutions.

The final witnesses that Chen Xi from school of Economics and Management is honored with First Prize, Fei Yanhui from School of Economics and Management and Wei Chenxing from School of Computer Science honored with Second Prize, and Gan Changlai from School of Electromechanical Engineering, Shi Wenshuo from School of Information & Communication Engineering and Liu Yi from School of Foreign Studies honored with Third Prize.  

Ni Jiaqi comments that the competition is, based on her own experiences in attending national contests of the same kind, an active move and exploration to promote the work of university counselors. She says that the contestants are fully qualified and very competent. Also she produces some suggestions on attending municipal and national competitions for university counselors.

In the interactive section, students share their feelings and comments on performance of university counselors and extend thanks to the support and care of their life and learning from these counselors.