BISTU Hosts the First On-campus Job Fair of 2018

By Fri, 16 Mar 2018 GMT

Beijing, 15th March, 2018 (BISTU)— BISTU’s first on-campus job fair in 2018 for graduating students, jointly hosted by BISTU and Employment Service Center for University Students in Beijing, successfully completes on Xiaoying Campus.

This job fair is the very first one in Beijing for providing services with graduating students of universities in Beijing. It attracts 109 organizations--- in total they offer more than 1,500 jobs--- including Shougang Group, BAIC Motor Corporation, Beijing North Start International Group, BBMG Corporation, FESCO, Beijing Jingcheng Group, Beijing Subway, Beijing Bus, etc.

Director Chen Dong and Deputy Director Song Shuangyin of Employment Service Center for University Students in Beijing attend the fair. Extending warmest welcome to them, Vice President Wang Xiuyan says that BISTU thanks the Employment Service Center for University Students in Beijing for its consistent support and help. She emphasizes that job fairs have been held and hosted at BISTU four years in a row, indicating that such job fair cooperation is a success and is very effective. Chen Dong says that BISTU students are very popular among employers. It is hoped that BISTU will nurture more quality talents for the society.

Half an hour before opening of the job fair, a long queue is already there in front of the main entrance. BISTU volunteers actively work for all graduating students present at the fair. This job fair produces quality employment service and abundant information for job-hunting and help graduating students a lot in reducing cost and seizing opportunities. It shows that BISTU loves and cares her students, as students express.