Zheng Dengwen Conducts Survey at BISTU for Construction of the New Campus

By Wed, 14 Mar 2018 GMT


Beijing, 13th March, 2018 (BISTU)— Zheng Dengwen, Deputy Secretary General of General Administration Office of CPC Beijing Committee, heads a delegation and visits BISTU for survey of construction of the New Campus. The delegation members also include directors Sun Fang, Zhang Long, and Wang Bing. BISTU senior administrators, including Chairman Wang Chuanliang, President Wang Yongsheng, Vice President Ma Qinghong, Vice President Chen Qinghua, Assistant to Vice President Lin Guoce, together with directors of relating divisions, attend the survey conference.  


The reports are respectively delivered by BISTU senior administrators, Infrastructure Construction Department of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, and Infrastructure Construction Department of Changping District. Following the reports, Zheng Dengwen positively confirms that BISTU, with effort of all faculties and staff, is shouldering great responsibility and working very actively to promote construction of the New Campus. Great contribution has been made to serve construction of Beijing as “four centers”. And then he offers specific requirements for construction of the New Campus. Firstly, all parties involved shall follow working mechanism and system of CPC Beijing Committee and Municipal Government as well as the working mechanism formed during construction of the New Campus. It is required that New Campus of BISTU shall be completed in a timely manner as expected. Secondly, all parties concerned shall attach enough importance to construction of BISTU New Campus. All shall be brave in shouldering responsibilities and work actively to solve existing problems. And thirdly, BISTU shall conduct scientific research on construction of the New Campus so as to lead all faculties and staff to devotion of the construction.   



On behalf of the University, Wang Chuanliang extends gratitude to CPC Beijing Committee and Municipal Government for their support and positive confirmation of what BISTU has accomplished. He expressed that with regard to construction of the New Campus, the University will strictly follow rules and regulations, work in compliance with instructions of supervising sectors, sort out problems, and produce respective solutions. The whole university will shoulder the responsibility to facilitate construction of the New Campus.  


After the conference, Zheng Dengwen and other delegation members also visit construction site of Students’ Halls to check progress of the construction.