Liu Yan Delivers Report at BISTU

By Thu, 14 Dec 2017 GMT

Beijing, 13th December, 2017 (BISTU)— Xiaoying campus welcomes Liu Yan, a famous young dancer and professor of Beijing Dance Academy, to deliver a report Dream Never Dies for all BISTU student. The report is attended by Wang Chuanliang, Chairman of University Council, and hosted by Director Jia Bin of Youth League Committee.

The day December 13th is National Memorial Day. Prior to the report, Wang Chuanliang delivers a speech to mourn victims of Nanjing Massacre. He points out that National Memorial Day is not only to rethink the history but also a retrospect of our national spirit. Starting from Nanjing Massacre and anti-Japanese War, he explains the role of spirit and emotion in development of individuals and nation. When facing immense difficulties, Liu Yan has made a successful change on her career path and devoted herself to dance and public service. It is a proof that spirit has strong power. He emphasizes that BISTU is currently facilitating emotion construction, which is basically to construct sense of belonging and sense of identity. And the final objective is to bring the powerful strength of spirit and emotion into full play in development of BISTU. With regard to the role of art and aesthetics in education, Wang Chuanliang says that equal importance has to be attached to science spirit and humanity spirit. Mutual complement and combination of science spirit and humanity spirit is the fundamental drive to promote education to a higher level. He hopes that all BISTU students shall learn from Liu Yan in her spirit and courage of making a turn-round when facing with difficulties. Our students shall consciously build up their knowledge in both science and humanity and spare no efforts to become qualified talents in construction of and contribution to socialist modernization.

In her report Dream Never Dies, Liu Yan shares a story of her struggle and growth, including her dream of dancing, her feelings when getting severely hurt in rehearsal, and what she is doing in the field of public welfare. On July 27th 2008, Liu Yan unfortunately gets hurt in rehearsal for Olympic Games. Facing with such a dramatic change in life, Liu Yan overcomes all difficulties and chooses to stick to her dream of dance and devote herself to public welfare. Now she is not only a professor of Beijing Dance Academy but also a researcher of sign language, Buddhism, Peking Opera, etc. She has also established a Liu Yan Art Foundation. Dream shall be remembered all along the way, whether in difficulties or successes. Says Liu Yan.

Following the question and answer session when Liu Yan and students actively communicate and exchange ideas on dream and reality, Jia Bin presents the letter of appointment for Liu Yan as consultant for BISTU Volunteer Association.